Weekly Writing Prompts (#21)


  1. Where are you most peaceful? Where can you relax the easiest? Write about this place.
  2. Write a fictional story where the main character feels different. Are they really? What makes them different?
  3. Write a story about your future kids or kids that you have, but set it in their future. What are your hopes for them? How do you hope their life or lives have turned out? What do you want for them?
  4. Motivation can be a powerful thing. It can push you towards the seemingly impossible or lack of it can stop you from doing anything at all. Write a poem about motivation. How does it affect you? Are you usually a motivated person or does it take a lot to motivate you? What is your relationship with motivation?
  5. What is your inner monologue right now? What are you thinking about, besides writing? What is important in your life at this moment? Let your thoughts flow on the page/ screen. You can edit it to make sense to your audience, but stay true to you and your thoughts.

Weekly Writing Prompts


I mentioned in my last DreamWard Bound post that I had a project or series that I wanted to do. This will be the start of it.

Every Friday I will be creating/ publishing a list of 5 writing prompts. I will either think of things that I want to write about or feel like I can be challenged by. I also may use prompts from other blogs (in which case I will cite my resources). No matter where the writing prompts come from or why I am listing them, I will then use them in the upcoming week’s blog posts.

Also, I invite you now to use any and all writing prompts I list. My hope for this project is that I inspire, challenge, or simply share ideas with fellow writer. I want to see what you readers and writers come up with.

Here is the first list:

  1. Imagine a world where airplanes and dragons or other mythical flying creature exist together. What would flight look like? What would travel be like?
  2. Do you have a fun or interesting story about traveling? How did you travel? Where were you going? Why were you traveling?
  3. How do you wake up? Do you spring out of bed, almost always fully rested or do you hit snooze? What is it like for you to wake up on a typical morning?
  4. Design a sci-fi/ fantasy hero. What is his or her world like? What is his or her background? What makes this character unlike the rest?  What makes them unique?
  5. Write a Sonnet. If you need more information about what a sonnet is and the rules for a sonnet you can go to shadowpoetry.com