Weekly Writing Prompt (#38)


  1. Write a letter to a stranger that details how you two meet. Describe how you would want this future relationship to go. This stranger could be a future friend, teacher, student, co-worker, or future spouse.  It does not even have to fall into one category. Who do you want to meet today? Answer that question and write a letter to them.
  2. Write a poem about your soul. Use creative lines that deeply reflects who you are and then explain what you mean. Make it clear who you are by using imagery and descriptive words.
  3. Write a short story based off of a show, book or other author’s work. Do not rewrite their story, but create your own story in their world. Use your characters and your plot, but their rules. If you must use their characters morph them into your own. This should be your own piece of writing that acts either as gratitude for another’s work or something that shows how much you enjoy their work. No matter what make it your own.
  4. Write a character or relationship description about your dad or a dad figure. What are him like? What is your relationship with him like? How do you bound with him?
  5. Write a story where no characters are human. They can be anything besides human beings. Have fun with it.

Writing with Colors (A Poem)


Speckled with colors
and pink dyed hands,
I came to write
about what I saw in this land.
Words escaped me
my mind drew blank
as I push a story aside
to focus on how to create.
Yet, here I sit
speckled with colors
and pink dyed hands
only thinking lost thoughts
waiting for words to write.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#25)


  1. Write a scene or short story involving only two people. Have these two characters be in a relationship, but add a twist in the relationship. The original idea I had and the story I will be writing that goes along with this prompt is that there is a dimension traveler who goes to different dimensions or universes. He thinks he is home and his wife is getting ready for bed. She is dancing as she brushes her teeth like normal but as soon as he greets her by joining in and trying to wrap his arms around her he realizes she has no idea who he is.
  2. Have you ever been in a situation where a person you knew saw you in a different light or saw a different side of you? This could be s a co-worker saw at a party or a parent saw you as an adult for the first time. Either write a short story or poem about this experience. What was it like after? How did it change you or your relationship with that person?
  3. Write a story about your day and then use that story to inspire a poem. Try not to let your real day influence your poem. Focus on the poem. If you have a partner or someone who could help you, ask them to either write their day or have them tell you about their day.
  4. Write about what gives you the most hope or what inspires you.
  5. You are beautiful. The definition of beautiful is having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind. How are you beautiful? What makes you feel beautiful?

I hope these prompts help you create some sort of writing or art. If they do I would love to know and read your work. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#21)


  1. Where are you most peaceful? Where can you relax the easiest? Write about this place.
  2. Write a fictional story where the main character feels different. Are they really? What makes them different?
  3. Write a story about your future kids or kids that you have, but set it in their future. What are your hopes for them? How do you hope their life or lives have turned out? What do you want for them?
  4. Motivation can be a powerful thing. It can push you towards the seemingly impossible or lack of it can stop you from doing anything at all. Write a poem about motivation. How does it affect you? Are you usually a motivated person or does it take a lot to motivate you? What is your relationship with motivation?
  5. What is your inner monologue right now? What are you thinking about, besides writing? What is important in your life at this moment? Let your thoughts flow on the page/ screen. You can edit it to make sense to your audience, but stay true to you and your thoughts.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#10)


  1. Think about a story that you want to write. What would the theme and message be? What is the underlying truths of the world and story? If you had to describe it in the most basic way how would you describe it?
  2. Write about your insecurities. Yes this should be hard to do and it will take courage, but I believe shine light on our hurts help. You can mask your insecurities however you want, but share in your creative writing your weaknesses.
  3. Describe you strengths and what you love about yourself. How do people lift you up? What are you skilled at? If you were a character how would your author write you?
  4. Write a short story that shows how you love. Who do you love? How do you show your love?
  5. Pick a character you have either in your mind or in a story you are writing. Write their back story. How did they become who they are? Could they see their changes coming and expect to be the person they were or was there a sudden change to completely change them?

Weekly Writing Prompt (#9)


  1. Write a poem or short story of how you view your favorite author.
  2. What inspires you and why? Write it as if your inspiration or inspirations are people.
  3. What is your favorite joke? Write a story about you or a character telling the joke and then tell why it’s your favorite.
  4. Write a ‘fact’ that is totally made up.  Tell a story about how you came upon this information. At the end make sure you let on that it is made up or fictional.
  5. Look at a book’s cover. Try not to read the title. Then write a summary or short story based on the title.

I hope you enjoy this week’s inspiration. Let me know if you write anything using these prompts or if you have any other fun prompts.

A Creative Writing Experiment About Nothing


I will write about nothing. Nothing is what I will write about, but what is nothing except the lack of what you want to be. Perhaps I will write about everything instead of the nothingness that I run from.  The nothing that is dark and cold from lack of heat and light. Why would I write about the things that could be considered nothing. Nothing is in fact nothing that I want to write. I will not write about nothing. Nothing is not what I will write about, but I will write about everything instead.

Yes, I will write about everything in my mind. I will jot down notes about  my phone turning off, if only for the night, about conversations with groups of friends, and about people being bagels in a tired mind’s dreams.  I will think about what I write as the words are typed, not wishing to edit the words on the screen. I will only write and write I will. Yes, I will write about everything in my mind.

Let me fly away on the great big plane that is called my mine, so that I can dream about all the lovely things that come from the nothing being left behind. Who left this nothing, this hole for me to find and can I fill it up again with all the things that it lacks. I will shine the light of consciousness in the dark corners to go exploring into the depths of the unknown, like caves in a familiar mountain that was always left alone. I will fill the holes up with my thoughts, with ideas of love and of what I believe about being home.

I will write about nothing. Yes, I will write about everything in my mind, so let me fly away on the great big plane that is called my mind.

I’ll wait (A Poem about writing)


I will wait
for inspiration to come
for thought to appear,
like a word bubble from my head.

I will wait
until my mind is ready
and my brain turns on,
like a computer booting up.

I will wait
until I am ready
until my body tells me
it is time to write.

Then when patience
is no longer needed
and inspiration comes
I will write.
I will write whatever
my mind tells me to write,
my brain whispers to my fingers,
and what is scribbled
in the thought bubble above my head.

When I know what to write
I will ready my body
unleash my mind
and write,
but until then
I will wait.

 Sometimes you need to wait other times you just need to write. This of course is a combination of both. I needed to write as I waited.

What to do? (A Poem after a mishap)

What do I do?
sit in anger
in grief
waiting and watching
the ball of angry twine tighten?

What do I do?
Scream and shout
about the beauty that was lost
wallowing in my heart
about how it was unfair?

What do I do?
Watch my soul grow dark
and my heart breaks

What do I do?
I write
pushing off the anger
wiping clean the screams
that want to creep out.
I turn the light of my soul
to shine bright
and move on.

What do I do?
I continue on
I laugh at the poem that comes out
and smile
I get to write even more.

What do I do?
I win the battle
that rages inside of me

 I first wrote a lovely little poem about aging and being loved. It was sweet and happy with the repeating line smile and play. Well that obviously did not want to be published and wound up being deleted some how. That is where this came from.

I hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderful day remembering you don’t have to be angry when your work winds up being for nothing. 

Always smile and know you are loved.

Honesty (A Poem)


I want to be honest,
so I will be honest here.
My honesty is I am single.
I hardly have had some one want me.
My honesty is I am one
yet look for my mate.
Yes, I will go through phases
where I do not need another,
when God and myself is enough.

My honesty in this moment
is different though.
I look to a future
where I am not alone
where I have some one to call my home
to hold me tight
and tell me everything is alright.
I hear God whisper “child you are mine”
but I still long for a solid voice
to tell me, “I love you,” as he hold me tight
with solid arms and physical hands.

My honesty is that I get jealous sometimes
jealous of those who take for granted
what I wish and long for
I get jealous when a new relationship starts
and another woman finds smiles in a new man’s face.

My honesty is that I want in this moment.
I want to release my jealousy and covetous heart.
I want to be alright with my single life
although I want to be someone’s wife.
I want to be where God leads me,
I just want that to be into someone’s arms.

My honesty is I am single.
I hardly have had some one want me.
My honesty is I am one
who looks for my mate.
My honesty is that as I write my words
I once again am okay
with God and myself being enough.


Okay, so this was a bit different from my typical poetry. It was something I really felt that I needed to get out. What do you think? Do you like it?

I was going to write something to explain this poem before I wrote it but decided not to. Now I have no clue what it was, which teaches me and you to write things down when you remember them. 

I hope you enjoyed this and I also hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading.

Past never my Future


I can see what people search for when they find my blog, or what they search for to find my blog. Today I saw a very cool sentence that I am sure is from something, but I’m not sure what it is from. I am going to use it as a writing prompt for this post. The quote is. “you can only narrate my past but you can never write my future.” 

I hope you enjoy.

You can narrate my past.
Please do,
and tell me all the things I went through.
Speak the words that you believe
the words that will add up to my story.
How do you see my life?
How will you narrate my past?

I ask you to narrate my past,
but you can never write my future.
I myself can only plan the unseen.
I do not write my story,
so you cannot either.
Let the future be
and tell me all about what has been.

Yes, You can narrate my past
but you can never write my future.
You can tell me my story,
but will not be able to force the unseen.

At the Windmill (a poem)

poetryThere is a little cafe near my house that I believe I am becoming a regular at. Today I went by myself and had breakfast. I decided to write a little as I waited. This is one of the poems I wrote while enjoying their food. It really is a great place.

With painted wall,

warm and inviting

art hangs welcoming guest

saying be who you are

do what you will

and enjoy the good that is served


With the sky on the ceiling

bright and pleasing

curtains hang to welcome guest

saying come near or far

do what you will

and enjoy the food that is served


So I write and dream

sitting in the corner so I can watch

the couples eat

The students study

and an other lone female reading the paper

I sit, watch and writing

doing what I will

and enjoying the food that is served.

Writing Process (a free verse poem)


Poetry comes out
with my eyes closed
when sleep in near;
brilliant poems flow
when paper is far
and repeating is not enough.
Wisdom and intelligence overwhelm me
when the only outlet is to speak it to myself
or when no one is listening.

Yet when I open my eyes
words fly away
like fading dreams they fly.
The poetry inside is trapped
like a rat in a house unable to be freed
as soon as the paper is in reach.
I open my mouth when some is around
and only babble spews out.

So I write with my eyes closed,
freeing my poems from the paper trap
and write when no on is around
with the quiet of my mind.