Last part of 100

ocean walk 192This list of daily thoughts start at day 82 of my 100 day challenge to myself. It ends with day 100. I will be posting the entire list  along with my closing thoughts soon. I just know that if I don’t post this I will be asking myself where it is at one point.

  1. It amazes me what a little bit of happiness can do sometimes. (Meaning some times it amazes me.  A little bit of happiness can do so much.)
  2. I can do anything because I keep the right attitude.
  3. A little encouragement can go a long way. (This was a class day.)
  4. I really fought with myself to do the workout but I did it and I am happy I did.
  5. I have the biggest smile on my face because I learn so much and felt the workout like crazy. (I had a Monday class, so yeah it was a workout.)
  6. The mind is powerful don’t waste it.
  7. I can tell this is still just the beginning of my healthy journey, but I’ve already come so far.
  8. It all seems like a mind game right now, and I am winning.
  9. 2 classes =2.5 hours is a great way to celebrate day 90.
  10. Only 9 more days and I’m feeling great. (Said with two smiles worth of happiness after another class.)
  11. Today seemed like a long day, good but long. Also I am loving BJJ more and more.
  12. I pulled something at class, so the last 7 days will be interesting.
  13. The pulled muscle/ part of leg is feeling better, still modified my workout. I’m happy with the results. I keep on going.
  14. Still modified the workout, but did more of what I can do. Only 5 more days now. Time to finish strong.
  15. Still modified the workout, still doing workout plus a little extra. I’m feeling positive with 4 days to go.
  16. I still modified the workout, but did even more of what I can do. Also I use to not be able to do 10 crossovers/ Russian twists. Now I can do 30 non-stop which makes me smile.
  17. I had a great class and really happy with my improvements.
  18. One more day. I’m feeling like a warrior. (Said with a smile on my face.)
  19. Woot! Woot! Yeah Buddy! I did 100 days and ended with an awesome class.

Bonus/ ending thought: You can do anything if you really want to. This is proof of it.


Half way to 100 days

ocean walk 192


I finished another page of my log for my 100 day challenge, so it’s time for the list of things I thought about while, after or during my workouts.

It’s numbering starts at 1 but really it’s day 27.

  1. Sometimes seeing the tally marks is the only thing to make you/ me to do another day.
  2. If someone, even yourself, says you can’t tell them/ you that you can or show them.
  3. Today I didn’t really know why I was doing my challenge, but that did not stop me from doing it.
  4. Today fun was brought, along with struggle, learning, fighting and sore body. I’m smiling. (It was a class day.)
  5. Forgot to mark I guess I wasn’t thinking only doing.
  6. It’s midnight, I’m not going to be smart. Do it. IT’s easier once it’s a habit.
  7. Another midnight workout. Tired but smiling. I did stuff today. Improv, site and workout.
  8. Not related, but still what I was thinking. Beauty is in the heart and soul not body. New tonight I actually do a sit up fully.
  9. Sometimes you learn from what other people do. I’m smiling. (It was a class day.)
  10. My knee is hurting so I changed things up and did extra of what I could. I didn’t let pain win, I adapted.
  11. Ow, everything hurts, but that doesn’t mean I’m quitting gotta keep fighting on. (It was a class day.)
  12. If I feel my muscles they are solid and great. I’m sore but strong.
  13. I wanted to go for a walk today as if my brain is changing.
  14. I realized today I’m working on being the dream girl for my dream guy which some how means I can’t live in a dream world. (I actually wrote a post about this.)
  15. 42% done. (I was a day off). I’m feeling awesome about working out when I wanted to sleep.
  16. Friends make things better. Also experiencing different things. (It was a class day.)
  17. A workout routine or goal routine gets better with momentum so once you start don’t stop.
  18. It always is great when people can see the results of your efforts. (It was a class day.)
  19. Just looking and knowing your progress/ journey helps.
  20. No one really knows where you started only results and what you share.
  21. Just doing what you set out for means something.
  22. I want to be where I want to be but I know once I get there I’ll want to be somewhere else.
  23. Halfway there baby! And almost didn’t even mark it. (Again a day early)
  24. I feel like I had an accomplished day, which I haven’t felt like in a while. It made me want to do more.
  25. Make sure you’re smiling more than you are frowning.
  26. Schedule, plan and remember your goals during the day.
  27. I’m tougher and stronger than I give myself credit for and you most likely are the same.

DreamWard Bound (July 2 to the 9th)


This week again was focused on my move and settling in. I was able to find time to write and post a couple of poems and found an extra poetry reading that I edited together and posted on YouTube. I believe I am mostly unpacked and settled, so my life should get back to normal. Of course I now have to redefine my normal since it’s been almost 8 months since I’ve been unpacked, in my own space and had a desk to work at. I’m foreseeing more productivity, which I am happy about.

I also feel like I can focus on more of my goals that I had outlined in a much earlier post. I have the publish one post and one video a week down, which was my first goal. I also added to the posts and am now trying to publish one poem a day, so seven poems a week. I am still working on getting that down, especially since I went on vacation, then moved.

One of the two goals that I am adding on is getting my weight down to 150 pounds in 15 weeks, so almost 4 months. If I do I will give myself $60 to spoil myself with, most likely a massage. If  I don’t I will give that $60 to someone else. I am planning on joining a gym that is near my new home, so hopefully that will help. It should also help that the guys at my work are getting in shape or working out, also.

The second goal that I’m going to focus on is my novel. I was thinking that I would just wait until my six months of publishing posts and videos goal was met and then really focus on my novel again. However, now that I have my own desk and space to actually edit and take notes I am thinking I can work on it now. This way when my six month goal is met it can really be a weekend with no responsibilities.

All this means that you will be hearing more about exercise and editing. These are two things I have been putting off since they are not my favorite things to do. I mean I love writing and being creative. I really love to act and be immersed in poetry. I love being creative and bettering my life. These things I like doing, but there is the work side that comes from bettering your life and being creative. In order to better your life when it comes to being an artist you need to be healthy, grow in your creativity and edit your work in order for them to be exactly what you want them to be.  This means I will actually have to do the work side of things more and you will be hearing about it.

I think that is enough babble for today. Here is the list of the few things I did this week. Click the links, reading/ watch and let m know what you think. Also thank you for reading this and any post you read. I really am grateful for any and all your support.

Never repeat (a YouTube video)

Writing process


Yes, it is really short.