Pen Poem


This feels a bit darker than most of my poetry, but I did just watch a rather dark movie this past weekend. I realized just how beautiful darkness can be. Although, I still do prefer light and happy topics.

Pierce me with your ink fill sword,
force your words to linger
as they twist inside,
because murder is never sweet,
unless it’s in the mind
causing a new reality to live.
So murder my mind
with words of wonder.
Let the sharp bladed images
of your prose or verse
slice out the mundane,
so that I may live among your ink
until the new understandings take hold
and I am reborn with new light.

Second-Hand (A Poem)

My heart desires to write a love song
so deep, so true;
one that brings tears
or makes you say, “oh my dear.”

Desire fills me to write words
that could move mountains
or the hardest soul
so darling please urge yourself to weep.

As my romantic heart breaks
because the only love I’ve known
seems to have been a mistake.

It was far away,
long ago and healed with time.
I was not even the same heart.
The love I knew feels
like a faded dream,
a distant mystery;
one with less hope
nearly hidden
in the darkened valleys of the changed girl.

Yes, I loved once
but it was not deep, not true,
so how can I tell you of love?
What romance can I give,
except second-hand?

Let me know what you think of this poem. I really enjoyed writing it and it is exactly what I wanted to say. I am proud to call this one my own at this moment, so would love all the feedback that can be given. 

Weekly Writing Prompt (#23)


  1. What is a common obstacle for you that stops you from creating or participating in one of your hobbies? Write a short story where that obstacle is a character. What is that character like and how do you interact with it?
  2. Write a character description of yourself. Go into the same details that you would for any other character. What do you look like, how do you act and what are your main  character traits?
  3. Take a poem, character description, scene or something else that you have created in the past and turn  it into a short story or the beginning of a longer narrative. The focus is to use an idea or creation that may not be that fresh in your memory to create something new and something whole.
  4. Do you remember a friend you had when you were a child? Was he or she imaginary, a stuffed animal or real? Write about this friend and the fun times you two shared. Focusing on what you played and the adventures you went on.
  5. Create a new word or a few new words. Define them using the standard dictionary way of defining words. This is so that you are clear about the words meaning. Once the definition is set write a story that uses your word/ words. Make sure that the word/ words in the story have clear definitions and that you can figure out the new words inside the story itself.

I hope you enjoy reading this post and are inspired by these prompts. If you do use them please let me know.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Inside Thoughts



The words are bubbling. They are brewing. I once danced with them on the beach with the setting sun. Now the moon reigns and the words are a mush of over cooked strew. They are just bubbling and brewing no longer dancing in my mind.

The beautiful melody of fantastic descriptions and deep pondering has left my side. I now sit wishing and wanting for the words I needed to say to arise again. I wait for them to dance out of the sludge like stew that is now taking over my mind.

Tiredness slows down my thoughts and the need for sleep mixes all of them together. At sunset with the cool breeze whispering words to me, my mind was perfectly poetic as it pondered a pure poem.  Now only random ramblings can be rattled off as the stew thickens and traps the dancing melody of the pure poem inside.

Are The Words (A Poem)


Are all the words already said?
Did they fly out of someone else’s head?
I can’t see and I can’t find
Any words that are inside.

Are all the words already made?
Did they already create all the new means?
I don’t have any to call my own.
No new words have been shown.

Are all the words claimed?
Can they never be changed?
If I use a word a certain way;
If I tweak the meaning in a different way,
will some one complain?

Are all the words already said?
Are all the words already made?
Are all the words claimed?
I think not;
you just have to look beyond.

Poetry of Words.

Let me twist you
distort you
and make you my own.
I want to ring you out
and squeeze
every bit of meaning out.
Then I will fill you with flowers
and the sweet scent of love.
Once I dissect you
I will stitch you back together.
Once I know your insides
and can hold tight to your outsides,
then I will use you,
then I will love you dearly.
Let me twist you
distort you
and make you my own.

Wow, that became a dark poem. I am talking about learning different words though, I swear. The you is a word. 

Honesty (A Poem)


I want to be honest,
so I will be honest here.
My honesty is I am single.
I hardly have had some one want me.
My honesty is I am one
yet look for my mate.
Yes, I will go through phases
where I do not need another,
when God and myself is enough.

My honesty in this moment
is different though.
I look to a future
where I am not alone
where I have some one to call my home
to hold me tight
and tell me everything is alright.
I hear God whisper “child you are mine”
but I still long for a solid voice
to tell me, “I love you,” as he hold me tight
with solid arms and physical hands.

My honesty is that I get jealous sometimes
jealous of those who take for granted
what I wish and long for
I get jealous when a new relationship starts
and another woman finds smiles in a new man’s face.

My honesty is that I want in this moment.
I want to release my jealousy and covetous heart.
I want to be alright with my single life
although I want to be someone’s wife.
I want to be where God leads me,
I just want that to be into someone’s arms.

My honesty is I am single.
I hardly have had some one want me.
My honesty is I am one
who looks for my mate.
My honesty is that as I write my words
I once again am okay
with God and myself being enough.


Okay, so this was a bit different from my typical poetry. It was something I really felt that I needed to get out. What do you think? Do you like it?

I was going to write something to explain this poem before I wrote it but decided not to. Now I have no clue what it was, which teaches me and you to write things down when you remember them. 

I hope you enjoyed this and I also hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading.

Clerihew Poem


A Clerihew is a comic verse consisting of two couplets and a specific rhyming scheme, aabb invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956) at the age of 16. The poem is about/deals with a person/character within the first rhyme. In most cases, the first line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name of the person.

My friends are at the door
but I slipped and hit the floor
through the window they can see
and now they are laughing at me.