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I feel like lately I’ve only been posting about my painting and most of you started to follow my blog while I posted my poems. I will be getting back into the rhythm of writing poetry soon, hopefully this week. That being said I have been focused on painting more lately and some have started following this blog after I posted my art. Here is what I’ve been working on and posted on eBay this week.

I added to my Dance On The Moon painting to give it more depth and character. This is a 20 inch by 16 inch acrylic painting on canvas.

dancing on the moon and 1st hearts 006

All other paintings this week are artist trading cards which are 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch and are reinforced card stock (so 2 ply card stock) acrylic paintings.

The first group is in my series Cross, which are simply crosses done on different backgrounds with different textures of the cross. Each on is unique just like each person’s struggles and reasons to go to the cross are unique.

ImageImageACEOs 025


The next card is an abstract pumpkin that was just fun and festive to do

ACEOs 013

We now come to my latest series called What’s your heart? This series highlights and celebrates each person’s heart and background. We are all different with different lives to live and different ways we show are love. So what’s your heart?

 dancing on the moon and 1st hearts 020 dancing on the moon and 1st hearts 028 dancing on the moon and 1st hearts 029 dancing on the moon and 1st hearts 032 dancing on the moon and 1st hearts 035

Give aways


I wanted to let everyone who follows my blog know about my new giveaway program. I have started to give away miniature paintings done. Each give away will be one ACEO or art trading cards, which are the size of baseball trading cards or standard playing cards. I will be posting them on my FB page, so like my page and stay tuned.

How this will work, for right now at least, the first person to comment on the post with the ACEO will be mailed the card. When that one is given away I will post another one.

My hopes for this giveaway program is to get my name spread and share my art with as many people as I can.

The first giveaway has started and is  called Butterfly Love. This was done in ink with the majority of the work done on an airplane flying towards the east coast after my last vacation to California.butterfly love