Weekly Writing Prompts (#34)




  1. Write a short story from the point of view of a butt-head or someone you do not like. Try to make the narrator as unlikable as possible. To compensate for the nasty narration give your readers good writing, an interesting story, and great characters.
  2. You just made a wish that you would be treated like royalty and that wish came true. What happens next? What do you do? How does it change you?
  3. Time Freezes. Everything and everyone stops except for you. Now, you must find out why.
  4. Write a poem about your creative process. What do you do? How are you creative? What does it feel like? What thoughts go through your head?
  5. What does your spouse or dream spouse think of you? If they were alone with their friends what would they be saying about you?

I hope you are inspired by these prompts. Perhaps a muse will now visit you and you will be able to let the creative juices flow. If you are inspired or if these prompts do help you, please, let me know.

Guarding The Ladder.

Otis 004Do not let the picture above fool you. Otis is not an ordinary cat.  He is a fierce feline focused on protecting the one who feeds him. He bravely takes on this role every night. What is this hero of a cat protecting me from? Well, I am actually not entirely sure, but it may be from falling off my bed, or it could be the window. Whatever the danger he protects me from it every single night.

Let me explain how he protects me. His heroism primarily entails walking the perimeter of my bed, making sure that the only exit from the loft bed is still the ladder. He then makes sure that I am safe by sniffing my face. Finally he is ready to buckle down in his post. He stretches out as he lies down right at the opening for the ladder. He will bravely stay at his post keeping watch, unless he falls asleep, until my morning alarm goes off. Most days he will even stay pass the alarm going off and it will take me nearly throwing him down the ladder for him to move.

Now, since I am the one being protected I cannot be the first one out of the bed. He cannot and will not simply move aside. He needs to clear the area or at least the ladder. He makes his safety check by climbing down part way, stopping at the window for  a moment, and then going out the window onto the roof.

His reward for being brave and protecting me all night is his breakfast that I pour him usually while I am still asleep.

At least, that is what I am telling myself. In all honesty he most likely is just being a butt and blocking the ladder, because he knows it annoys me. I will keep trying to convince myself that he is protecting me, because murdering a cat is frowned upon.


Weekly Writing Prompt (#24)


  1. Try explaining an inside joke you have between a group of friends. When did it start? Why is it funny? What is the back story and who knows it?
  2. People keep dying around you or your character for different reasons. The detectives and law enforcement is interested in talking to you or your character because everyone who is dying looks exactly like you or your character. What do you/ your character do? How do they act? What happens? Focus on the action and events.
  3. Be honest what is one of your fantasies? What is one thing that you mind enjoys coming back to and repeating? Write it down. Use the writing process as therapy to figure out why you day-dream or think about this fantasy. Write this as a monologue or journal entry format. Be honest, be real.
  4. We all have arguments or conflicts that play out in our minds. At least I have arguments and conflicts playing out in my mind . No matter what it never goes as planned because the other person doesn’t have the script that is in your head. Write your latest conflict thoughts/ plans out. Use different names, different settings, or change the situation a bit, so that it doesn’t hurt or anger the other person actually involved, if needed. Try to stay true to what you naturally thought would happen, though. Tell the story about the argument or conflict how you thought it would play out.
  5. Write a poem about a website you frequent often. Why do you go? What do you get out of it? How long do you stay on there? Remember though, it’s a poem; be poetic.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#23)


  1. What is a common obstacle for you that stops you from creating or participating in one of your hobbies? Write a short story where that obstacle is a character. What is that character like and how do you interact with it?
  2. Write a character description of yourself. Go into the same details that you would for any other character. What do you look like, how do you act and what are your main  character traits?
  3. Take a poem, character description, scene or something else that you have created in the past and turn  it into a short story or the beginning of a longer narrative. The focus is to use an idea or creation that may not be that fresh in your memory to create something new and something whole.
  4. Do you remember a friend you had when you were a child? Was he or she imaginary, a stuffed animal or real? Write about this friend and the fun times you two shared. Focusing on what you played and the adventures you went on.
  5. Create a new word or a few new words. Define them using the standard dictionary way of defining words. This is so that you are clear about the words meaning. Once the definition is set write a story that uses your word/ words. Make sure that the word/ words in the story have clear definitions and that you can figure out the new words inside the story itself.

I hope you enjoy reading this post and are inspired by these prompts. If you do use them please let me know.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#22)


  1. What is a relationship that changed your life or one of your character’s life? Who was it? What type of relationship was it? Is that relationship still going on? If not why?
  2. Tell a short story about a time when you or one of your hero characters were sick? What personality traits came out? How were you or your character sick?
  3. What book are you reading or what was the last book you read for entertainment? Write a poem about what your experience was with that book. Do not give the details of the book and try not to use the title in the poem. The focus should not actually be on the book, but on your experience while reading it and your emotions towards the book.
  4. The type of games people play can tell a lot about that person. Do you like puzzle games, fast actions games, table top or video games? Pick your favorite game or genre of games and write about it. This can either be a poem or a short story. The focus of this prompt is to get you thinking and writing about the games that you play and why you play them.
  5. Write a monologue explaining what it is like to be an artist. What is it like for you to live a creative life?

I  hope these inspire you. Let me know if you use any of these prompts.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#20)


  1. Write a poem about the emotions you feel while driving home from work. Don’t focus on the commute or what you do for work. Instead focus on your feelings and thoughts.
  2. Write a short story in the fantasy genre where a character must lake a leap of faith and it pays off. Make sure that the results of the leap of faith are fantasy based.
  3. Tell a story about fairies, nymphs, pixies or other creatures that disguise themselves as flowers.
  4. What is it like for you to create art? Write about your creative process, whether it is poetry, narratives, 2D visual art, 3D visual art, or performance art. Is there a method? Do you see a pattern to your art?
  5. Pick out your favorite quote, if you don’t have one use the quote on the picture on the post. Use it to inspire you to write a poem or short story that describes that quote. Bring those words to life and make the sentence or two mean so more than it did before.

I hope you guys and gals enjoyed this post. If you did let me know and like always, please, let me know if you were inspired by this.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#16)


  1. Write a short story about being nervous or being afraid. What are you or your character afraid of? How do you or your character react to their fear or nervousness?
  2. Write a story about a broken character and a friend who comes along side him/her. What did it take for the character to break and what does it take in order for them to be helped? Focus on the relationships and characters.
  3. “If I could have stayed I would…” Use that statement as inspiration to write a short story or poem. How does the rest of the story or poem go?
  4. Pick a childhood game that you enjoyed playing. Write down the rules that you played with. Now create a society or short story around those rules and around the game.
  5. Write about being a warrior. What is your or your character’s war about? What are they fighting for?

Weekly Writing Prompt (#15)


  1. Write a short story focused on a character who is considered a hero. How do they act? What are they like? What is the action in the scene? As an added challenge do not have them do anything heroic or special. Have it be an average day or event.
  2. Have you ever performed? If so write a story about a time when you performed either for someone special or for an audience. If not write a short story about a character who is a performer. How does it feel? What do you see while performing? How did you prepare and what was it like after you did?
  3. Write a short story about an event that happened during your day that would best describe the day. Was it a highlight or low point? Were you alone or with people? What happened and where were you?
  4. Write a poem about friendship. What does it mean to you and is it like to you?
  5. Write a poem or short story focused around numbers. It can be a count down, a repeating number, or about some sort of math.

I hope these inspire you or help you with writer’s block. If it does help or if you enjoyed reading the prompts let me know. Also thank you for reading.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#5)


  1. Write a poem about the emotions, thoughts or state of mind you have when you think about your dreams. Do not write, tell or show in the poem what your dreams are. Write the poem about what your dreams do to you.
  2. Write a scene that highlights an epic or long-lasting conflict focused on how your character or characters deals with and feels about the conflict.
  3. What is your ideal dream day? Write a short story about the most wonderful day that could possibly happen. Layer good upon good and expand on everything you write with emotion and details.
  4. Pick an animal, either your pet or a random animal you see, turn them into a human character. What are they like? Do they have a job?
  5. Write a poem about what love means to you.

Beach Dream (A Short Story)



I had a dream. I was walking by myself on a picturesque beach. The sun was warm giving a rich autumn color light as if it was starting to descent into a sunset but had not reached the point of painting the sky with purple and reds.

As I walked on the sand, that felt like home, a man joined me taking my hand, which by doing so took my heart.  He was tall and safe with a blurred face except for a smile that shined with joy. I could tell just by looking at him he was strong, healthy and a protector with a hidden soft side.

Once this nondescript man joined me we sat in the soft sand and talked. We talked about what had been, will be and what we hoped would come. We conversed over  happy times and sad a like. We talked, spoke, and listened. As the sun began to set and night started to show its face we talked.

The air began to cool as we still talked about everything we could think of and our bodies slowly moved towards the warmth of the other. We talked until there was no more words to speak.

When our bodies move in even closer to conclude our conversation his beautiful eyes came into focus like happy brown sparkling gems. Then as our eyes both slowly closed I woke in my own warm bed. Once again I was alone, but now with a hope that this dream may one day come true.

Space-Riders: In the Ship (#3)



Otto, took his place in the pilot’s seat on the control deck with Zio taking a seat next to him as a co-pilot. “Do you have a flight program installed?” Otto asked.

“I have simple flying software installed. I should be able to help you fly the ship, but am not capable of flying a ship by myself.”

Otto nodded and started the engine. He would be able to fly his new LiBatto XZ952 space-ship, that he had named Aimi. Captain Otto smiled once her engines started up. Each engine made its own purring sound and Otto smiled grew as each of the 10 engines turned on.

Neither of them noticed the lady standing behind them. She was sitting against the wall and completed camouflaged. Her face and torso matched the wall completely and her lower half blended into the seat. Even when Zio looked around, he did not see her sitting there.

Once the ship was up in the air and heading to the next planet they were suppose to go to, the camouflaged lady started to snack on the chocolate covered raisins, she had bought in the town they had just left from.

The ride was smooth and uneventful until Otto punched in the coordinates of the planet where he was planning to pick up his first shipment using Aimi. The camouflaged lady had already visited Patarex, the planet Otto set as the destination, and had an almost lethal experience. She shook her head and the ship diverted from its path. Instead of heading toward Patarex it started to go in the opposite direction.

This confused both Otto and Zio. They both tried to work on a solution, but after 2 hours of trouble shooting and trying to turn the ship around they were defeated. All of the ship’s information and itinerary said they were going to Patarex.

Aimi, the ship was clever, she knew that the camouflaged lady did not want to be found out, but also knew that the others on the ship would not give up trying to turn her around unless she displayed what they wanted to see. She was not given a new location, so searched the universe for another planet, solar system or galaxy with the same name. She found a solar system named Patarex far away from the planet the captain wanted to go to and set her path.


Space-Rider #2 (Entering the Ship)



Otto, the captain, turned the corner with Zio close behind. He smiled at his new cargo ship before turning to the parking lot’s attendant to sign free is ship and pay the parking toll.

While Otto did this Zio stared at the ship with a puzzled look on his mechanical face.

When Otto turned his attention back to Zio and his ship he saw Zio’s confusion. “What?” Otto asked.

Zio answered with, “I am a mechanic and a doctor. I am not programmed to fix or maintain a tree.”

Otto paid little attention to Zio as he continued to walk, while he told him,“Alright, If I ever transport a tree I will not ask you to do anything to it.”

Zio still puzzled responded with, “ You are aware that your ship is a tree from the planet Calowixo?”

Now Otto was confused and stopped to tell his companion,“Zio, this is a ship, not a tree. I have flown it from Lardeth to here. Trees typically do not fly, since they must be rooted to the ground and are plant forms.”

“That is true with the exception of the Blurack tree that lived in Wid on Calowixo.” To Zio this was common knowledge. He had many employers who traveled to many different solar systems and many different galaxies. Zio never forgot any of the planets or stories he was told, so although he had never been to Calowixo, he knew stories of the great planet, since his first and second captains told it to him.

Being human, Otto had not gotten a chance to travel as much as Zio. He had not heard of Calowixo or JuJu596, which was the galaxy Calowixo belonged to. This being the case he stated, “I would believe you if I had ever heard of Calowixo. Now, if you are saying that you are unable to help me with my ship, you are freed from your duties.”

Zio sighed, he had been on the dusty planet, Kilo, for a full year now. He only sat and waited for a full year. His last captain had died on Kilo and when those who inherited the ship came, they did not need Zio. He wanted to be wanted and needed to work, so he told Otto, “I do not wished to be freed from my duties. I will join you. There is still a ship within the tree.”

Still not believing Zio’s claims that there was a planet called Calowixo Otto told him, “Right, we’ll be stopping at the next planet that has a doctor for droids.”

Both men started to walk towards the ship, again. Captain Otto touched his dark brown electronic forearm cuff to open the ship’s cargo ramp. The two men walked in and started the journey they did not know they were going on.

Space-Riders: Barroom findings(1)

I have had this story in my mind for a while now. Since it is in fragments, in my mind, and more about the characters right now, I thought it would be cool if I simply wrote a short story series with them. This is the first Space-Riders (the title most likely will change).

Barroom Findings

The doors to a dusty old bar swung open and in walked a captain clothed in a beige suit with gold and silver buttons, along with gold and silver pins. He wore his wealth proudly as his identifier. He strolled up to the bartender and sat on an empty bar-stool, before telling the bartender, “I need a mechanic and doctor, for my ship.”

The bartender stared at him for a moment before asking,“Would you like them in the same body?”

“Yes, and I need it right away.”

The bartender nodded and waved over a man who had appeared to be sleeping while sitting at a table across the gray and dirty room. He stood and walked over to the bar, as he placed his old brown Stetson on his head. The captain nodded at the man and then asked the bartender, “How much for him?”

“Under the inter-planet law for conscious technology, I can not accept payment for him. He is to be paid humane wages.”

The captain nodded and looked at the man standing next to him, “What are you?”

“I am a Trion 5,963.02 model of a doctor and a Xera 99×21.9 model of a ship mechanic, with Zio 9.09z software for spaceship technology.”

Again the captain nodded with acceptance  at the information. “Do you have a name?”

“I have been called multiple  names.”

The captain smirked at the android’s answer and asked, “Which one do you identify with?”


“Alright Zio, do you want to come with me and help me on my ship?”

Zio smiled at the captain before telling him, “That is what I have been made for.”

“Alright, let’s go,” The captain said and tossed a 1,000 credit coin on the bar as a token of appreciation for the bartenders help.

They walked through the compact sand behind the bar, where the captain had landed his ship.


By: Tiffany Joy
She walked away from his apartment in the morning sun and could not help but look back once. As she walked to her home she tried desperately not to think of the best night she had with him. They had only cuddled and joked, they could only cuddle and joke. Her heart broke as she reminded herself that they still lived in two different worlds and that she should not be spending nights at his place. He lived in a world where all thing supernatural was evil and she lived in a world where she was supernatural. She looked down at the snow-covered ground, and walked as she stared at the cold snow, the snow that he would never be refreshed by. She stared at her shadow on the fresh snow as she walked by the restaurant where she first meant him and she walked by the benches where they had their first kiss, before she knew he was a hunter and he knew she was a fairy. She still stared at her shadow, who now told her that she loved him. She finally reached her home and relieved herself of the tears. Once the tears subsided she knew that she would never spend another night in his room and that although she loved him she had to finally let him go. If she went back, she would only be helping the hunter, so she gathered all her memories of him, all her love, in her mind and poured them out in the form of tears into a glass bottle. She sealed the bottle with a kiss and a note, “Love for a hunter.”

Red Hair And Green Jacket (short story)

He was walking down the street the first time he saw her. He was in his navy blue suit and bright blue tie, walking to his work at the town’s only law firm. She was inside a coffee shop on her computer. Her face was unforgettable, with soft features against a fit but round jaw line. Her stunning blue eyes made her cranberry red hair and her matching lips seem all the more red. As he passed the coffee shop he thought he must be dreaming. There was no way she could be in the same reality as he was.
The rest of the day his mind was on her. What was she like? What did she like? Would he ever see her again? Would he ever be able to talk to her; to know her name? Perhaps one far off day he would be able to buy her coffee. He wondered if her coffee drink was as bold as she looked. He wondered if her voice was as beautiful as she was. He wondered a lot of things about her as he typed away at his computer and researched his new case.
The next day he was at the court-house. He did not see her face but her jacket caught his eye. It was a bright cheerful green, the shade that happy cartoons colored the grass with. It was such a contrast from her dark red hair that he had to look a bit longer at her. He knew that she had to be an artist. She was too bold and enjoyed the beauty of colors too much. He almost introduced himself to her before he remembered he was at the court-house for his job.
He soon was able to put her out of his mind. He focused on winning his case and went out with his friends after work. He did not mention the girl with the red hair and green jacket the entire night, although her image danced across his mind a few times.
His group of friends made plans to meet up the next night and they did. They went to the same bar they always met up at. They sat at the same table. The night was the same until she walked through the doors. She was with a group of girls, who were obviously out for a big party night. Her hair was pulled up into a neat and high pony tail, and still vibrant enough to catch his eye. She wore the same happy green jacket that flared out at the bottom and her sapphire blue eyes seemed to glow. The group of girls only stayed for one drink before they were off to the next bar.
It was a week until he saw her next. This time he was sitting at a coffee-house. It was a Saturday, so he decided to have a relaxing cup of coffee and read his favorite book at the coffee-house near his home. It was on the border of the city, which meant it was quiet. He had pushed the girl with the red hair out of his mind the day before she walked into the coffee-house.
This time it was him who caught her eye. It wasn’t until she paused for a moment that he even looked up. Before he could say hi or ask a single question, her mind clicked on and brushed the chance meeting out of her head. She quickly walked away, leaving him to wonder what had happened. He did not think she ever saw him before.
The next day she was jogging down the street by her own home when she saw him again. He was tall clean-shaven man walking his pit-bull mix on the street she lived on. They were across the street from each other, but his smile was perfectly and his chestnut hair seemed to have been drawn in place. She waved to him as she saw jog by. He was focused on his dog’s leash though and she did not know if the real life prince charming even noticed here.
As she waved he was decided whether to let his dog off leash so that she would chase the red-haired jogger. He decided to keep his dog on the leash for fear that a dog running at her might frighten her. When he looked up she seemed a bit sadder on the other side of the road.
When Monday came he walked into the coffee-house by his work, dress in his blue Monday suit, moments before she walked in with her green jacket, blue eyes and red hair.
She noticed the handsome stranger in line a three people in front of her. His crisp blue suit and matching blue tie looked bold against his snow-white shirt.
After both of them ordered their coffees, while they were waiting for them to be made, she made her way to the empty spot next to him against the wall. He looked at her uncertain what to say. When she smiled at him, he knew he had to say something. “I’m Tom.” It was not as smooth as he hoped his first words to her would be but she still smiled.
The red-head in the green jacket shyly responded with, “I’m Jill.”
After that each day Jill and Tom would share coffee together and slowly learn what truly made them beautiful.