2014 in review

I know I’m a little late for last year’s review, but I just found it. I liked looking at what this blog did last year and I hope you do too.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

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Another DreamWard Bound. (10/11/14)


I woke up today with a nice surprise. I had heard my phone go off before I got out of bed. I figured it was a friend messaging me for some reason. When I looked however it was actually a list of emails. There was six emails this morning telling me people liked my Who I am poem. Every like means a lot to me, but the fact that I got six likes over night was surprising and started my day off right.

Starting my Saturday right  was important to me, because I have been sick for most of the week. It was not a debilitating sickness, just a cold that drained me of energy and made motivation hard. By Thursday I had enough of the annoying cold and decided to take the day off of work, which meant that I at least felt like I needed to make up my work. I was planning on doing that last night, but instead I took it easy and only wrote one poem. I did not touch anything resembling acting or editing my novel that I hoped to have enough energy to do.

This morning, however, I woke with energy and a friendly boost from those likes and went to the gym. Now, I have energy and motivation to work on a monologue, write this DreamWard Bound post, and most likely a few other things. We will see what the day brings though.

As far as my goals go I did not read any of the Bible, which is listed as my first goal. I did listen to the audio version a bit. It is always more relaxing and easier to listen to an audio book and not actually reading it. It also tricks me into thinking I don’t have to read it for myself. I am trying to break myself of that thought process though. I want to read the Bible for myself.

My second goal it the one about my family. I have gotten better at communicating with some,  but I still do not feel as close as I want to. There are still those who I do not text or talk to weekly. I am talking to a few more though, so that is progress at least to me.

Next is my weight loss, which I am happy to say I did a lot better this week with, even though I had no energy. I also did not have the biggest appetite. As of today I lost 5 pounds of the 30 I want to lose.

My fourth goal is my Goal Getters videos, which I did post this week. It was Step #3  in the steps I use to achieve my goals. I am thinking that I will start to do a step and a tip, every week. I have a bunch of tips and I keep finding more. I keep discovering other tips and I am thinking that I might as well share all the ones I have now. I still have to think about pacing myself though and not running out of energy or ideas.

Now, my poetry goal was not meant this week. I almost wrote five poems or posts, but taking Thursday off as a sick day made me miss one.  Also, having a cold made it hard. I did write four posts and one of them was my 200th post. I also wrote a celebration post for the fact that I wrote 200 post, well now it is over 200 posts.

I also recorded another monologue, which I did last Saturday. I was able to edit it and post it last Saturday. I also recorded a few question and answers about acting. I found the questions a while ago and have wanted to answer them. I did forget about them for a bit, but now that I found them again, I really wanted to answer them. I will be posting them once I edit them down and make sure they make sense.

I did not touch my novel and am taking away the painting as a goal. I will still paint, but it will be when I have something to paint and not painting because it’s on the schedule. Painting now needs to stay my hobby, not a goal.

That is all my goals for this week. I will hopefully be able to get be more productive at least with my first two goals this week.

Here is the list of things I did this week.

Step #3 (video)

I’ll wait (poetry reading video)

Storm’s Monologue (video)

Who I am (poem)

Myself (poem)

200th post celebration.

Poetry of Words.


I actually did not realize I posted/ published 7 things this week. I think this list is becoming more and more helpful to me. I do hope that the list is helpful for you or at least these posts are enjoyable.



200th post… celebration


That quote seems to fit this moment. I just published my 200th blog post. It seems fitting to talk about the journey and how much I have changed in the 200 posts. I will try to make it interesting and not lame.  I am going to be going through the old posts that I made. Hopefully  I find a good sampling.

This blog started as an outlet for my reviews. I had an idea that I would watch and review over 300 movies. I mean I had reviewed a few movies for a class I had taken in college, so I should be able to right 300 hundred of them. I did give myself 6 years to complete it and I still have a few years before that is up. I still have the list, but my life will have to dramatically change to find time to write reviews.

I also started this blog, because I did not think I would have any other outlet for my love of movies and entertainment. I did not think a ‘real career’ in the entertainment industry was an attainable dream. Now, it may still be far off, but I don’t believe it is unattainable. It will take hard work, struggle, time and sacrifice, but I can do it. That is why I started to write the DreamWard Bound series. I honestly believe my creativity will one day be my only job.

Next, I added Story Time With Pink Sunshine. It was supposed to be short stories that could be transformed into chapters in a book. I did not get very far with that, though. It was a big story with lots of details to write. I still plan to tell this story. It will always be in my heart yearning to get out, but I will a solid amount of time to actually write it out.

It seems with the starting of Story Time I started to branch out with my creativity on this blog. I started to write poems,  updates, thoughts, and even a few short stories. It seems like once I gave myself freedom to do anything on this blog I did do anything. I have grown with this blog in my creativity and have changed my life, because a few people read my writings and my thoughts.

It may still be a small blog, but hey I wrote 200 posts and I am pretty sure each one was read by some one. I think that is enough minds touched to celebrate and change your life a bit for. So, thank you for taking this journey with me and if you want to compare my journey through my creativity I will leave you a few links that you can compare.


First poetry.

First Poem Post (Dream of plans)

Last Poem I posted (Poetry Of Words)

Short Stories

First One (My Testimony)

Last Short Story I Posted (Free Lobster)

Funny both are true stories


First (Amelie)

Last (Lost Colony)

Updates / talking about what was going on in my life

First (All My Projects)

Last (This Past week’s DreamWard Bound)

Okay I am done boring you with lists. Let me know what you think though. Can you see the change?



The Lost Colony (Play Review)

During my vacation I went to a play with my family put on by the Roanoke Island Historical Association, which was called The Lost Colony. Now what I knew about the Lost Colony of the Roanoke Island before was basically that it was a lost colony and that Supernatural used it in an episode. My brother-in-law did fill me in a little bit, but I still did not know a lot about the actual history the play was based on.

The scenery with created with great skill and craftsmanship, that really brought the audience into the play. On the same note the special effects and pyrotechnics also brought the audience into the world that the play set up. I was caught up in all the wonderful technical aspects of the play.

The acting was also technically sound and a pleasure to watch. The actors were clear in speaking and they were effectively believable. I particularly enjoyed Thomas Bell’s portrayal of Old Tom and Payne Hopton-Jone’s portrayal of John Borden. It was an ensemble play with no weak links.

As far as the individual scenes my favorite was the 1st native american scene. The dancers danced perfectly while 2 men hung almost sideways from a tall totem pole.

The only issue I had was the ending, which ruined the entire play. All the hard work everyone did went down the trash to me. Instead of feeling completed and that I could leave with a conclusion I was left waiting in my chair. There was no “the end” moment. The historian that narrated the entire play seemed to disappear for the ending. The comedic relief, Old Tom, walked off in the crowd not saying anything. There was not even a bow to close it. The actors simply walked off the stage to end the scene. I even told my nieces to  sit back down, then the ushers came and stood in front of the audience. They just stood there, they did not say anything. It was not until I leaned over and asked one of the ushers if there was bows that I learned that the play was fully over. The cherry on the top of the bad ending was that hardly any of the cast members were out in the lobby, even though there was an announcement that the entire cast would be available for greeting.

Perhaps this is just my pet peeve, but I believe that an actor should show gratitude towards their audience and fans. I know I was made a fan of Payne Hopton-Jone’s that night and would have at least wanted to show that in my applause. Actors bow to thank the audience for supporting them and the audience applause the actors because they enjoyed the play. That is how it is supposed to be.

I really wish they would have done something to close the book, because it was such a good play otherwise.

DreamWard Bound (week 6/22-6/28)


Let’s just jump right into my weekly review of my week. On Monday I wrote, “It’s only Monday and already I have done extra. Sunday I had some free time, since I got everything I needed to get down during the weekend done on Saturday. That being the case I painted and recorded it. You can find it at Heart On Fire.

I also wrote my Palindrome poem on Monday, which was sort of fast. I thought a lot about it and finally came up with something that fit the rules. It’s not my favorite, but 6 people liked it in 2 hours, so what do I know. I also wrote For Now, which is a Katauta Poem. That poem posted on Tuesday, because I do the whole pacing my posts out thing.

My productivity was not as great the following days. I thought I would be getting a lot more done and a bunch of extra stuff posted. Yet, I do have 7 links for you to click in the “List of Stuff I did this week” list. I guess it was a pretty good week.

Now, unbeknownst to me one of my goals have changed. Well my creative goal has changed.  I’ve been thinking about “officially” changing my creative goal for a while now. I’ve been trying to figure out what I could change it to. Well on Wednesday I figured out exactly what it has turned into. It is now one post, whether poem or otherwise, a day. Every 2 months that I post a poem or other post daily I will buy something to further my artistic career. Since this is such a catch-all I can also use it to create a one of a kind super computer. I’m thinking something with a separate storage drive that is about one terabyte big and as much ram that I can possibly have. Oh and the latest video card and a bunch of editing software. Before you ask, yes I realize how much of a nerd I’m turning into. I guess nerding out comes with my job (my day job that it).

Before you click on all the exciting links, please know that I will be going on vacation this coming up week and will not be posting as much. I hope to get a few days in before I fly out, but I won’t be taking my computer. Lack of computer means lack of posting abilities. Hopefully when I come back I will have a bunch of new material to share.

List of stuff I did this week

Stated Song: Storybook


Ode to Bed

No Structure Poem

For Now

Interesting Thoughts

Palindrome Poem

Heart on Fire

Heart on Fire 003

Happy Camera


I recently moved back to California and took a walk in the redwood forest. I was such an amazing walk and I loved it. Being out in nature with my friends was a great way to spend my first few days in California.  The beauty that surrounded us was breath taking and awe-inspiring.

The most surprising thing to me on the walk was my camera. The lighting was perfect for picture taking and the subject, the trees, were beautiful. I did not want to carry my big professional camera so decided to bring my tiny cannon point and shoot camera. That is why I was surprised with what came out. It was a relatively cheap camera that  gave me amazing pictures.

Here are some more of the pictures taken that day.

redwood and bowling 043 redwood and bowling 046 redwood and bowling 047

It is a Cannon PowerShot A4000 is and here is a link to it so if your interested in taking awesome pictures you can.

Canon PowerShot A4000IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom 28mm Wide-Angle Lens with 720p HD Video Recording and 3.0-Inch LCD (Blue)
Thank you for reading.

Donnie Darko

With Halloween right around the corner I felt like a Halloween themed movie was in order. After a long search on Netflix, I was surprised that I could not find any real horror movies that were also on my Start with the Best project. I did find and watch Donnie Darko, which is I’m counting as a Halloween movie, if only because the climax is on Halloween night.

This was my first time watching it and as the movie start I wondered how many scenes it would take to start the real action. The setting up of the movie seemed rather dragged out but as soon as I had the thought that this was going to be a long stretched movie a demented and evil-looking bunny was standing right in front of Donnie. This is where the film starts to pick up. A mysterious plane engine falls from the sky and the idea of time travel is talked about.

In this film time and time travel is the main subject that is looked upon. I first noticed this when the audience is first introduced to the school. Time is slowed and sped up just enough to notice a change. The date is also shown every few days to show how many days until the main action will take place.

The film also plays with the fourth wall when Donnie, the main character, looks at Frank. the scary bunny. This is a great element which, although it usually is out-of-place in most movies, feels perfectly placed while helping to make Donnie’s character seem more unstable and at the same time more knowing. It is almost like he is looking directly at the audience while he looks at Frank.

This is such an interesting and great movie. I was once told that I would like it by a friend and he was right. This is a movie I will be watching again.

If you want more information about this movie you can go to The IMDB page for Donnie Darko.

If you are interested in buying this movie, here is a link to the amazon page.
Donnie Darko

4 movies down 324 to go.

Wizard of Oz

There is no movie like this week’s movie. It is an iconic classic that is also one of my favorite movies of all time. I could have written this review with out even watching it again, but it is my favorite movie, so I watched it for the hundredth time. This week’s movie is The Wizard of Oz.

Now I knew I loved this movie and that it is a great movie so I asked myself “what makes this movie great?” As soon as the movie started I realized the details and quality of the scenery. The farm had real chickens, pigs and horses. This is a farm that looks real, and growing up next to one I know what a real farm looks like.

A movie can have good scenery and still have the possibility of being a bad movie, though. That is, of course, not true for this movie. During this viewing I noticed the foreshadowing in the farm hands and the fact that Dorothy was a dreamer. She wanted to find her own life, so she ran away only to find that her life was with Aunty Em.

All through the movie I looked for weak parts, because I knew that the story line is great and the acting is superb. I wanted to learn something from this watching. What I found was that each and every scene was needed. I have watched some movies that add scenes for what appears to me to be time wasters. It is like some producers want a movie to match their time. This was not the case for this movie. Each scene was either setting up the movie, introducing characters or moving the characters along in their journey.

Another thing I saw in the viewing, that I hope I saw before, was that it was the journey that taught the characters about the things they were missing. Scarecrow wants a brain, but comes up with the plan to get Dorothy out of the Wicked Witch’s castle. Tin Man is searching for a heart but is the one that is usually crying or being emotional. Lion desires courage, however, he is the one will to lead the three men into the castle. Finally, Dorothy wants to go home and at the end of the journey when she thinks all is lost, she finds all she needs to do is open her eyes.

I was surprised to find two areas that stuck out as not high quality. The first one was the wires. While Scarecrow is on his pole there is one, I’m assuming to keep him up. A few times I saw a wire attached to Lion’s tail to make it move and stay raised. The other time was with the flying monkeys; as they take Toto away you can clearly see the rigging. The only part that took away from the movie was seeing the rigging, mostly because that was the most noticeable. The other area that was not high quality was the make up. I noticed edges and bald cap lines on some of the actors. I did not feel like the make up took away from the over all quality of this movie. It was just something I noticed.

Even after noticing the two weak areas, I love this movie. That is because it is not about the background, special effects, or technical side of it. This movie is about the story and characters that jump off the screen and ask you “what are you searching for?” Then no matter what you answer this movie tells you to search deep within yourself because what ever will make you happy is there. Whether you think you need to be smarter, braver, or more caring, you already have the tools inside you. It is the journey called life that will teach you how to use what you have to shine and become who you want to be.

For more information you can you to The Wizard of Oz on IMDB
If for some reason you do not own this movie yet, I suggest you buy this version.The Wizard of Oz (Three-Disc Collector’s Edition)
It has wonderful extras both on the DVDs and as hard copy photographs and publicity materials.
3 movies watched 325 to go.

Amelie’s movie review

At roughly 2 hours long Amelie is an engaging and delightful movie, even if you don’t understand French, which is the language spoken in the movie. The cinematography is a perfect fit for this film as it is quirky yet beautiful; simple and clean yet creative and imaginative. This film is a dance between the simple everyday of the characters involved in Amelie’s life and the complex reality of how they interact with and feel about each other. The story ties everything together in a fun love story not told before. All in all if you are looking for a well done quirky comedy I would point you to this one.

My favorite part of this film is the fact that the title character reminds me of myself. Locked in an introverted personality Amelie dreams and creates stories much too wild and detailed to be true, partly to protect herself and partly because that is simply how her mind works. She observes ordinary moments and finds the extraordinary in those moments.

Although Amelie is the main character, as the title suggests, the entire cast shines in this movie. Whether it is the Glass Man who encourages Lucien, the grocery delivery boy, to be an artist, or the staff at the Two Windmills, where Amelie works, everyone is believable and melts into the world the film takes place in.

You would think that there would be on area of the film that was not as good as the others. Every project and team has a weak leak. Well, if Amelie’s crew had one I could not see it. The script and plot keeps you engaged and chuckling. The acting, although I could see the possibility of it falling short, soars above what is expected while it brings the story to life. The editing made sense and was well done leaving nothing out. It seems like the team of this film all knew that this was a artistic film with a quirky storybook feel to it.

If you would like more information about it you can check it out at Amelie’s IMDB page
If you would like to buy this movie you can simply follow this link   Amelie

That being said I would rate this a 9.5 out of 10. Now only 327 movies to go.