Weekly Writing Prompt (#38)


  1. Write a letter to a stranger that details how you two meet. Describe how you would want this future relationship to go. This stranger could be a future friend, teacher, student, co-worker, or future spouse.  It does not even have to fall into one category. Who do you want to meet today? Answer that question and write a letter to them.
  2. Write a poem about your soul. Use creative lines that deeply reflects who you are and then explain what you mean. Make it clear who you are by using imagery and descriptive words.
  3. Write a short story based off of a show, book or other author’s work. Do not rewrite their story, but create your own story in their world. Use your characters and your plot, but their rules. If you must use their characters morph them into your own. This should be your own piece of writing that acts either as gratitude for another’s work or something that shows how much you enjoy their work. No matter what make it your own.
  4. Write a character or relationship description about your dad or a dad figure. What are him like? What is your relationship with him like? How do you bound with him?
  5. Write a story where no characters are human. They can be anything besides human beings. Have fun with it.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#37)


First I am sorry that this is a day late. Yesterday was a long day at work and I was burnt out by the time I got home. Thankfully I have tonight mostly free, so I am able to at least do this post.

  1. What does religion or faith mean to you? Do you have a religion? What are your views and feelings towards spirituality? Either tell a story, write a poem or simply start writing down ideas and see where it leads.
  2. You are watching a  fantasy or sci-fi movie or television. This show has supernatural or non-humans living among humans. When the show ends a conversation is started with your love interest about the reactions of the humans to the non-human or super-humans. It turns out your love interest is not normal. What happens next?
  3. Do you have a birthday tradition? Is there something you do every year on your birthday or some one else’s? If there is tell the story behind the tradition, including times that the tradition stuck out and made memories?
  4. What is something you do daily or almost daily? What simple and ordinary task do you do regularly? Once you have it in your head write a poem about it. First just write it out simply, then go back and add details along with poetic wording.
  5. Are you on Social Media? Use your profile or different profiles to write character description(s). If you have multiple accounts or profiles create a character or each one.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#34)




  1. Write a short story from the point of view of a butt-head or someone you do not like. Try to make the narrator as unlikable as possible. To compensate for the nasty narration give your readers good writing, an interesting story, and great characters.
  2. You just made a wish that you would be treated like royalty and that wish came true. What happens next? What do you do? How does it change you?
  3. Time Freezes. Everything and everyone stops except for you. Now, you must find out why.
  4. Write a poem about your creative process. What do you do? How are you creative? What does it feel like? What thoughts go through your head?
  5. What does your spouse or dream spouse think of you? If they were alone with their friends what would they be saying about you?

I hope you are inspired by these prompts. Perhaps a muse will now visit you and you will be able to let the creative juices flow. If you are inspired or if these prompts do help you, please, let me know.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#33)


  1. For years your spouse or best friend has been struggling with what everyone thinks is multiple personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder). You have never seen an episode, but she/ he talks about it with you. One day you come home/ go over her/ his house and they are having an episode. The strange thing is that you see a different soul in her body and can see her soul napping on the couch. She/ he is not struggling with Dissociative Identity Disorder but is actually sort of a medium except the ghosts possess her/him instead of talking to them.
  2. What type of week did you just have? Was it great? Was it long? Can you write a poem about it? If you can you should try. Focus on the emotions and images that you remember from this last week.
  3. You meet a dog on the street and he follows you home. He is friendly and the perfect pet. He becomes part of your family. Write a character description about this awesome dog.
  4. Write about being happy and laughter. What does it feel like? What brings it on? How does it affect you?
  5. Write 2 short stories about eating your dinner. First write it in your point of view. What do you do to get it? How do you eat it? Where do you eat it? Now write the same story except write it in the point of view of your dinner.


Weekly Writing Prompts (#32)


  1. Write a poem about relief. What does it feel like? How does it come? When does it happen?
  2. Write a monologue about goals or dreams (if you don’t have goals). Focus on your relationship with them. Talk about the goals or dreams as if they are characters. What is your relationship with them? How did they first come around?
  3. You are walking up your stairs in your house and you hear a crash from the floor you just were on. You thought you were home alone. What happens next?
  4. Write a character description that is at first a vague description of a family member. Write a first draft with this family member in mind. Go back at least twice giving the character more traits and more details that are not necessarily your family member’s traits and details. The focus should be using a real person to  write a fictional one.
  5. How does time affect you? What is your relationship with time? Creatively answer these two questions.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#26)


  1. Describe a land or setting of a story as if you are looking at it on a map. The idea is that it would be a fictional land, but you can look at a real map of a real place. My thought is to have details even though it’s an over view/ macro view of an area.
  2. Tell a story of an interaction you had with a stranger or a group of strangers.
  3. Write about a hike you took or piece of nature you recently saw. Use as much detail as possible. Let the nature and surroundings be the main focus.
  4. Outline a story (short or novel length) then use that outline to tell your own story. Use your own setting, characters, and details.
  5. You are canoeing/ floating down a river. You pull off to a bank to set up camp for the evening. Something is different about this place though and as you search for fire wood you find an old castle with purple flickering light coming from within.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#25)


  1. Write a scene or short story involving only two people. Have these two characters be in a relationship, but add a twist in the relationship. The original idea I had and the story I will be writing that goes along with this prompt is that there is a dimension traveler who goes to different dimensions or universes. He thinks he is home and his wife is getting ready for bed. She is dancing as she brushes her teeth like normal but as soon as he greets her by joining in and trying to wrap his arms around her he realizes she has no idea who he is.
  2. Have you ever been in a situation where a person you knew saw you in a different light or saw a different side of you? This could be s a co-worker saw at a party or a parent saw you as an adult for the first time. Either write a short story or poem about this experience. What was it like after? How did it change you or your relationship with that person?
  3. Write a story about your day and then use that story to inspire a poem. Try not to let your real day influence your poem. Focus on the poem. If you have a partner or someone who could help you, ask them to either write their day or have them tell you about their day.
  4. Write about what gives you the most hope or what inspires you.
  5. You are beautiful. The definition of beautiful is having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind. How are you beautiful? What makes you feel beautiful?

I hope these prompts help you create some sort of writing or art. If they do I would love to know and read your work. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#24)


  1. Take a character from a fairy tale or well know story and put them in our world. What would their reaction be? How is their world different from ours? How is it the same?
  2. Along that same idea take a friend or some one that lives in this world and put them in a fairy tale or fictional world. What will their main goal be? How difficult would it be for them to live in that different world?
  3. Write a monologue about struggle. What is the character like? Who is going through it? How are they working to over come? What gives them hope?
  4. Write a poem about a piece of furniture. Do not say what it is right away. Explain the basic description and feeling towards the piece of furniture. Wait until the end to confirm what you are talking about.
  5. Describe what summer is like for you. What do you need to do when it’s summer? What do you look forward to? Do you take vacations during the summer, if so what is your favorite vacation spot?

I hope you enjoy these prompts and I also hope that they help or inspire you to write a little more than you would this week. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week writing.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#23)


  1. What is a common obstacle for you that stops you from creating or participating in one of your hobbies? Write a short story where that obstacle is a character. What is that character like and how do you interact with it?
  2. Write a character description of yourself. Go into the same details that you would for any other character. What do you look like, how do you act and what are your main  character traits?
  3. Take a poem, character description, scene or something else that you have created in the past and turn  it into a short story or the beginning of a longer narrative. The focus is to use an idea or creation that may not be that fresh in your memory to create something new and something whole.
  4. Do you remember a friend you had when you were a child? Was he or she imaginary, a stuffed animal or real? Write about this friend and the fun times you two shared. Focusing on what you played and the adventures you went on.
  5. Create a new word or a few new words. Define them using the standard dictionary way of defining words. This is so that you are clear about the words meaning. Once the definition is set write a story that uses your word/ words. Make sure that the word/ words in the story have clear definitions and that you can figure out the new words inside the story itself.

I hope you enjoy reading this post and are inspired by these prompts. If you do use them please let me know.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#22)


  1. What is a relationship that changed your life or one of your character’s life? Who was it? What type of relationship was it? Is that relationship still going on? If not why?
  2. Tell a short story about a time when you or one of your hero characters were sick? What personality traits came out? How were you or your character sick?
  3. What book are you reading or what was the last book you read for entertainment? Write a poem about what your experience was with that book. Do not give the details of the book and try not to use the title in the poem. The focus should not actually be on the book, but on your experience while reading it and your emotions towards the book.
  4. The type of games people play can tell a lot about that person. Do you like puzzle games, fast actions games, table top or video games? Pick your favorite game or genre of games and write about it. This can either be a poem or a short story. The focus of this prompt is to get you thinking and writing about the games that you play and why you play them.
  5. Write a monologue explaining what it is like to be an artist. What is it like for you to live a creative life?

I  hope these inspire you. Let me know if you use any of these prompts.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#21)


  1. Where are you most peaceful? Where can you relax the easiest? Write about this place.
  2. Write a fictional story where the main character feels different. Are they really? What makes them different?
  3. Write a story about your future kids or kids that you have, but set it in their future. What are your hopes for them? How do you hope their life or lives have turned out? What do you want for them?
  4. Motivation can be a powerful thing. It can push you towards the seemingly impossible or lack of it can stop you from doing anything at all. Write a poem about motivation. How does it affect you? Are you usually a motivated person or does it take a lot to motivate you? What is your relationship with motivation?
  5. What is your inner monologue right now? What are you thinking about, besides writing? What is important in your life at this moment? Let your thoughts flow on the page/ screen. You can edit it to make sense to your audience, but stay true to you and your thoughts.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#17)



  1. Write a story that takes place in your mind. Give different thought patterns, emotions, or day dreams their own characters. Use those characters to tell the story about what it is like to be in your brain. What do you think about most often? What do you think about when you are bored?
  2. Tell a story about a superpower you would love to have, include friends that have complementary powers as you. Focus on the superpowers and the relationships, rather than the setting or bad guy conflict.
  3. Imagine you or a character of yours is sitting in a cafe after finishing the drink they ordered and simply finishing up reading or something on their phone. They are distracted when a second cup is placed in front of them. The stranger with the new beverage says he or she is a time traveler. What happens next?
  4. Write a poem about light, whether it is a specific lamp, type of light or the imagery of light being the good in the world. What is it like? What characteristics does it have? What emotions are related to the light?
  5. Write about puppets, whether it is a poem, short story, essay, monologue, or description that could be used in something else does not matter. Write about what you know about puppets and how you view them. Are the creepy or fun? Do you find them interesting or do you stay away from them? Can you name the different types? Basically write about puppets in your point of view, only using what you already know about them.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#15)


  1. Write a short story focused on a character who is considered a hero. How do they act? What are they like? What is the action in the scene? As an added challenge do not have them do anything heroic or special. Have it be an average day or event.
  2. Have you ever performed? If so write a story about a time when you performed either for someone special or for an audience. If not write a short story about a character who is a performer. How does it feel? What do you see while performing? How did you prepare and what was it like after you did?
  3. Write a short story about an event that happened during your day that would best describe the day. Was it a highlight or low point? Were you alone or with people? What happened and where were you?
  4. Write a poem about friendship. What does it mean to you and is it like to you?
  5. Write a poem or short story focused around numbers. It can be a count down, a repeating number, or about some sort of math.

I hope these inspire you or help you with writer’s block. If it does help or if you enjoyed reading the prompts let me know. Also thank you for reading.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#8)


  1. Tell about a journey you or a character has been on.
  2. What made your day today? Go into detail about the main event in your day and expand on it. Find all the little things that made that event happen.
  3. Write a story starting with, “My success is just delayed.”
  4. Write a poem about being thankful, gratitude, and what makes you thankful.
  5. What makes you, you? What events have changed you into the person you are today? What do you think about the person you are? Have you actively changed yourself to be who you are?

Weekly Writing Prompt #6


  1. What would happen if you or your favorite character woke up with a tattoo that was supposed to mean something to you/ them? What would it look like? Would it have been placed there by magic/ something mystical or a drunken night?
  2. You or a character has fallen into a dark hole and there is no one that they can see. However, they do hear a voice that seems like it’s trying to help. Do you / the character trust the voice? What happens?
  3. You are an animal at the zoo. You are a person or at least think you are a person, but the world sees you as an animal.
  4. Find a poem or song and pick one line out of it. Split the line up and one word per line of a new poem. If you run out of words before your poem is done expand using your own words.
  5. Write a letter to someone who use to be in your life, but now for some reason is not. What would you say to them? How do you feel about them?

Weekly Writing Prompts


I mentioned in my last DreamWard Bound post that I had a project or series that I wanted to do. This will be the start of it.

Every Friday I will be creating/ publishing a list of 5 writing prompts. I will either think of things that I want to write about or feel like I can be challenged by. I also may use prompts from other blogs (in which case I will cite my resources). No matter where the writing prompts come from or why I am listing them, I will then use them in the upcoming week’s blog posts.

Also, I invite you now to use any and all writing prompts I list. My hope for this project is that I inspire, challenge, or simply share ideas with fellow writer. I want to see what you readers and writers come up with.

Here is the first list:

  1. Imagine a world where airplanes and dragons or other mythical flying creature exist together. What would flight look like? What would travel be like?
  2. Do you have a fun or interesting story about traveling? How did you travel? Where were you going? Why were you traveling?
  3. How do you wake up? Do you spring out of bed, almost always fully rested or do you hit snooze? What is it like for you to wake up on a typical morning?
  4. Design a sci-fi/ fantasy hero. What is his or her world like? What is his or her background? What makes this character unlike the rest?  What makes them unique?
  5. Write a Sonnet. If you need more information about what a sonnet is and the rules for a sonnet you can go to shadowpoetry.com