I Am A Soggy Bagel

bagel (2)

Today I got dressed up. I felt like I needed to look good. I wanted to take extra time for myself, so in the morning I woke up early. I put on my new cream cheese spread and wore heels. I even did my make-up. I was looking amazing if I do say so myself.

I started my car and went to work. I was on the highway when it started to rain and then I got a flat tire. I pulled over to change the tire. As soon as my car was safely on the side of the highway the clouds fully opened up. Have you ever seen a bagel in high heels changing a tire when it was raining buckets? I am sure I was amusing the drivers with all four tires intact that drove by. I just know it was not fun changing that tire and I was almost instantly soggy. After a few nice people did stop to help I finally had my tire changed to the spare.

I stopped, soaking wet, at a tire store. They changed the spare out for a new regular tire and I was off to work, again. The only real different was that I was no longer fancy or looking amazing. I was simply a soggy bagel in heels.

Honesty (A Poem)


I want to be honest,
so I will be honest here.
My honesty is I am single.
I hardly have had some one want me.
My honesty is I am one
yet look for my mate.
Yes, I will go through phases
where I do not need another,
when God and myself is enough.

My honesty in this moment
is different though.
I look to a future
where I am not alone
where I have some one to call my home
to hold me tight
and tell me everything is alright.
I hear God whisper “child you are mine”
but I still long for a solid voice
to tell me, “I love you,” as he hold me tight
with solid arms and physical hands.

My honesty is that I get jealous sometimes
jealous of those who take for granted
what I wish and long for
I get jealous when a new relationship starts
and another woman finds smiles in a new man’s face.

My honesty is that I want in this moment.
I want to release my jealousy and covetous heart.
I want to be alright with my single life
although I want to be someone’s wife.
I want to be where God leads me,
I just want that to be into someone’s arms.

My honesty is I am single.
I hardly have had some one want me.
My honesty is I am one
who looks for my mate.
My honesty is that as I write my words
I once again am okay
with God and myself being enough.


Okay, so this was a bit different from my typical poetry. It was something I really felt that I needed to get out. What do you think? Do you like it?

I was going to write something to explain this poem before I wrote it but decided not to. Now I have no clue what it was, which teaches me and you to write things down when you remember them. 

I hope you enjoyed this and I also hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading.

Change (A free styling poem)


Where are the people like me?
Who can just sit and be
Where are the people who want to change the world
with their words and their actions?
I ask and I search
for I need to learn how.

How do I stand when I want to shrink?
How do I stare down problems instead of blink?
Where are the people who want to change the world
with their words and their actions?
One day I will know I will know
I just need to breath and take steps.

Does this search make me weak?
Because it is strength that I seek?
No, I am searching for the people
that want to change the world
with their words and their actions?
I’m searching for knowledge
and I’m looking for change

So I just found a few poets on YouTube that talked straight from the heart. The channels I found them on were Button Poetry and Poet nation. I was moved and wanted to write. I just reread this poem and it seems like their voices bled through.

What do you think? Let me know and thank you for reading.

One day

One day
I wish I could settle.

I want to think that you are here;

to see your face next to mine,

to share a silly smile,

to hold your hand

and show you where I stand.


One day I will walk with you

and you can talk with me;

one day life will seem so grand,

life will be ours

we will live hand in hand.


That day is not today

but I promise you this.

One day we will stand

face to face

and walk

hand in hand.

One day,

maybe one not so far away,

You will look at me

and tell me that you see.

You see all of me,

you see what could be,

you see the love behind my eyes,

the fact that I always want to run and hide.

One day you will tell me

this was how it was meant to be.

Because one day we will stand

hand in hand.

And on that one day

I will tell you

that I don’t want to run and hide

I will tell you

you’re my man.


Yes one day,

You’ll be here with me

living hand in hand.

And I will wait

for that one day.

I will not settle for any other,

because one day

you will be here with me.

And that day will be grand.