My Future


I can see my future in gold, rising to platinum. I see the waves always at my door step, but never coming in. With peaceful chaos I live my perfectly crazy life, remembering to love and laugh even in the stressful hours, even when there is a storm outside. Because, there can be a hurricane outside, but my soul can find rest within the loving arms of the one who hung on the cross.

Yes I can see my future in gold, rising far above anything I have imagined. In my future I am draped with love and clothed with joy, wiping off fear and sorrow like mud that is flung. I know that all the pain, sorrow and fears that I may feel can be washed away and I will be made clean with love again.

I may not see my future with details and clarity, but I do see my future in gold and love.


This is another top search inspired writing thing. I really enjoyed a few of the top searches listed this past week, but was only able to jot them down as notes. The exact search was, “I can see my future in gold.”

Let me know what you think.

DreamWard Bound (July 2 to the 9th)


This week again was focused on my move and settling in. I was able to find time to write and post a couple of poems and found an extra poetry reading that I edited together and posted on YouTube. I believe I am mostly unpacked and settled, so my life should get back to normal. Of course I now have to redefine my normal since it’s been almost 8 months since I’ve been unpacked, in my own space and had a desk to work at. I’m foreseeing more productivity, which I am happy about.

I also feel like I can focus on more of my goals that I had outlined in a much earlier post. I have the publish one post and one video a week down, which was my first goal. I also added to the posts and am now trying to publish one poem a day, so seven poems a week. I am still working on getting that down, especially since I went on vacation, then moved.

One of the two goals that I am adding on is getting my weight down to 150 pounds in 15 weeks, so almost 4 months. If I do I will give myself $60 to spoil myself with, most likely a massage. If  I don’t I will give that $60 to someone else. I am planning on joining a gym that is near my new home, so hopefully that will help. It should also help that the guys at my work are getting in shape or working out, also.

The second goal that I’m going to focus on is my novel. I was thinking that I would just wait until my six months of publishing posts and videos goal was met and then really focus on my novel again. However, now that I have my own desk and space to actually edit and take notes I am thinking I can work on it now. This way when my six month goal is met it can really be a weekend with no responsibilities.

All this means that you will be hearing more about exercise and editing. These are two things I have been putting off since they are not my favorite things to do. I mean I love writing and being creative. I really love to act and be immersed in poetry. I love being creative and bettering my life. These things I like doing, but there is the work side that comes from bettering your life and being creative. In order to better your life when it comes to being an artist you need to be healthy, grow in your creativity and edit your work in order for them to be exactly what you want them to be.  This means I will actually have to do the work side of things more and you will be hearing about it.

I think that is enough babble for today. Here is the list of the few things I did this week. Click the links, reading/ watch and let m know what you think. Also thank you for reading this and any post you read. I really am grateful for any and all your support.

Never repeat (a YouTube video)

Writing process


Yes, it is really short.

In The Diner(Short Story)

I am starting to read an editing book called Self-Editing For Fiction Writers. I am only in chapter two, but so far it is a good read. I am enjoying the things Renni Browne and Dave King are teaching me. 

At the end of chapter one they gave an exercise that was basically, take this narrative summary and turn it into a scene. The chapter was focused on making sure you showed your readers your story and you tried not to tell them too much. I have decided to do their exercise for my ten minute creative time and post it on here. 

“I am not from around here.” She told the waitress the stout woman approached.

“Not many people are, darling.” The waitress, Cindy, told her with a smile.

“I can imagine,” Laura, the woman who nervously looked around, stated as she sat on her bar stool.

“How’s that?” Cindy asked not needing to rush her since she was the only customer with out a meal in front of her.

“I just drove up 9w and it was beautiful.” As Laura spoke she again looked around as if trying to find someone or something she lost.

Cindy took the pause to mean that there was something she should ask. “It is beautiful. I suppose many people move to town to enjoy the redwood forest. “

“Yes, I suppose, but it was when I got off route 9w. It was another world. I come from a farm in Utah and there is so much space there. All the roads are long and most are wide. Here, however, two streets never meet at a right angle and they are hardly streets at all. Instead you have tiny little things like, ‘courts,’ terraces,’ ‘ways.'”

“There is a ‘landing’ or two.” Cindy chuckled.

Laura ignored Cindy’s little joke and continued, “And lining these street-like things are row on row of little houses that can only be distinguish by the lawn ornaments, when they have lawn ornaments.”

“I have heard of new people calling up a taxis just to have them lead them out of neighborhoods.” Cindy said lightly, trying to make her customer feel at easy. After a moment Cindy asked, “What will make you feel better right now? I can get you a coffee or maybe a pie?”

“Coffee and pie do sound good. Do you have apple?” Laura answered forcing a smile on her face.

“Yes, darling, I will get you a piece of warm apple pie and you can tell me more about what brought you here.”

Cindy left, took care of a few other customers and came back with a coffee and pie for Laura. As Cindy slid the plate and mug towards the mid-twenty year old she asked, “So, tell me the story of brought you to Suburbia.”

“That is simple, my husband got a job in the city, but we didn’t want to live in a city. We had a great big farm we lived on in Utah. My brothers took care of horses and my family had some cattle. If this job wasn’t something he really felt he needed to do  I would have stayed on the farm.”

“Is that who you are looking for?”

“What?” Laura asked shocked that Cindy noticed her nerves.

“You keep looking around.”

 “Yes, we were suppose to meet 20 minutes ago, but I was running late. I don’t know why he would be this late.”

Just then as if Laura’s husband heard his story being told, he walked in the door and straight to his wife. With a kiss on the cheek her nerves went away and they were able to enjoy the apple pie together, before ordering their meal.