Weekly Writing Prompt (#38)


  1. Write a letter to a stranger that details how you two meet. Describe how you would want this future relationship to go. This stranger could be a future friend, teacher, student, co-worker, or future spouse.  It does not even have to fall into one category. Who do you want to meet today? Answer that question and write a letter to them.
  2. Write a poem about your soul. Use creative lines that deeply reflects who you are and then explain what you mean. Make it clear who you are by using imagery and descriptive words.
  3. Write a short story based off of a show, book or other author’s work. Do not rewrite their story, but create your own story in their world. Use your characters and your plot, but their rules. If you must use their characters morph them into your own. This should be your own piece of writing that acts either as gratitude for another’s work or something that shows how much you enjoy their work. No matter what make it your own.
  4. Write a character or relationship description about your dad or a dad figure. What are him like? What is your relationship with him like? How do you bound with him?
  5. Write a story where no characters are human. They can be anything besides human beings. Have fun with it.


By: Tiffany Joy
She walked away from his apartment in the morning sun and could not help but look back once. As she walked to her home she tried desperately not to think of the best night she had with him. They had only cuddled and joked, they could only cuddle and joke. Her heart broke as she reminded herself that they still lived in two different worlds and that she should not be spending nights at his place. He lived in a world where all thing supernatural was evil and she lived in a world where she was supernatural. She looked down at the snow-covered ground, and walked as she stared at the cold snow, the snow that he would never be refreshed by. She stared at her shadow on the fresh snow as she walked by the restaurant where she first meant him and she walked by the benches where they had their first kiss, before she knew he was a hunter and he knew she was a fairy. She still stared at her shadow, who now told her that she loved him. She finally reached her home and relieved herself of the tears. Once the tears subsided she knew that she would never spend another night in his room and that although she loved him she had to finally let him go. If she went back, she would only be helping the hunter, so she gathered all her memories of him, all her love, in her mind and poured them out in the form of tears into a glass bottle. She sealed the bottle with a kiss and a note, “Love for a hunter.”