Pen Poem


This feels a bit darker than most of my poetry, but I did just watch a rather dark movie this past weekend. I realized just how beautiful darkness can be. Although, I still do prefer light and happy topics.

Pierce me with your ink fill sword,
force your words to linger
as they twist inside,
because murder is never sweet,
unless it’s in the mind
causing a new reality to live.
So murder my mind
with words of wonder.
Let the sharp bladed images
of your prose or verse
slice out the mundane,
so that I may live among your ink
until the new understandings take hold
and I am reborn with new light.

Greek Yogurt (A Poem)


Yes, a poem about Greek yogurt.
A delicious poem
filled with memories
and thick creamy goodness.

This is a poem of love
that sticks on your tongue
slow dissolving, but never forgotten.

A poem about the lasting taste of honey
and a hug of comfort.
Healthy because of it’s favor
and wonderful because of it’s flavor.

Scoop me out some of this poem
so that I can remember,
the times when it was just a food
and the times when it was more.
Give me the reminder of a helping hand
and moments with my friend.

Yes, this is a poem about Greek yogurt
which fills me with joy
and sticks to my spoon.
It reminds me of a far away life
and makes me happy where I am now in life.
Yes, this thick and creamy
delicious and dreamy
healthy wonderful, some times a snack
other times a meal,
memory inducing and always honey filled
food is a poem in my heart.

I hope you smiled because of this. I did when I was writing it.