To A Dream Or Future


Whether you be a dream or future friend I care not.
Just the thought and hope of you
brings my heart to a new light.
You breathe love to my art.
So stay a fantasy or walk in my life,
My beloved either way
will cause my soul to strive to grow.


This is another little short break time poem. What do you think of it? How do you like the voice of the poem?

Let Me Live (A Poem)

Let me live among the stars
Allow me to dance a jazz-square
on the moon.
If not teach me
how to trap my dreams in reality.

I will soar high
above my common life
living in the clouds of my desire
then like gravity
you pull be back
to where I sit.

Let me fly.
Let me soar.
Let me live,
even for a moment more.

Instead you pull me
chain me
and remind me of my fears.
Road blocks are made
while obstacles rise
like you forget what’s inside.

My heart will soar
I will fly.
You may be helpful
reminding me of reality
but my dear mind
you know my heart and my soul.
They will win.
I will live among the stars
and dance on the moon,
so please just step aside.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#30)


  1. Write a short story in the steampunk genre where there is an inventor who invents or creates a realistic Android or robot. (The link attached to “steampunk” will bring you to its Wikipedia page.)
  2. What was the last thing that happened in your life that you would define as cute. Write that experience down and expand on how it brightened your day. Who were the characters involved? What did you feel? What was around you, meaning what was the setting?
  3. Think hard about what you want the world to know or hear. If you had the entire world’s attention for only 1 minute what would you say?
  4. Tell the story of the longest friendship that you have or had. Focus on short episode or short stories of your life that best showcase your friendship.
  5. You or your character finds out that the supernatural/ paranormal is real and that most of it simply takes place in an alternate reality. You find all this out because you are brought to another reality to help save it.

A Romantic Monologue


Let my mind be cleared of thoughts of you. Quiet my heart from day-dreams your appearance creates. For how do I make reality out of these girlish fantasies? You are further than a world away from me; living among the nobility of this age, while I toil with only my dreams as an escape.

Truly the dreams are but mere lies, that my heart tells my mind. Perfection such as yours can not honestly exist. You must wear a gentleman’s mask as a ploy for the ladies of your kingdom. Yes, the bright, warm person on display must be hiding a rotted center. I am sure that the loving smile and open heart is an act to create loyal subjects.

How would a charming prince such as the one portray be permitted to survive in this cold harsh land, where the noble are as wicked as the corrupt rulers, that allow the wealthy to step on the poor? Understanding how a heart can stay intact and opened while among the pressures of aristocracy is beyond me.

Perhaps, a day will come when fate will bid us a meeting and my aloof admiration will yield to knowledge of the inner workings of your beautiful mind; finally releasing my girlish fantasies into reality. Until that day comes I will assure myself that you have purely perfected your art and the public is simply seeing a seduction act.

Well, this actually isn’t how I thought this monologue would go. I was planning on starting Shakespearean and degrading into a fan-girl. That would have been fun to write.  Of course staying on the old / formal side of things was also fun. It gave me a little challenge, since I do not normal talk like this. It also might be fun to act, because unlike the artist, it will actually be acting. I mean this is for sure a different character.

In case you were wondering who this monologue is referring to; it’s Tom Hiddleston. He is dreaming and seems pretty cool.

Weekly Writing Prompt (#24)


  1. Try explaining an inside joke you have between a group of friends. When did it start? Why is it funny? What is the back story and who knows it?
  2. People keep dying around you or your character for different reasons. The detectives and law enforcement is interested in talking to you or your character because everyone who is dying looks exactly like you or your character. What do you/ your character do? How do they act? What happens? Focus on the action and events.
  3. Be honest what is one of your fantasies? What is one thing that you mind enjoys coming back to and repeating? Write it down. Use the writing process as therapy to figure out why you day-dream or think about this fantasy. Write this as a monologue or journal entry format. Be honest, be real.
  4. We all have arguments or conflicts that play out in our minds. At least I have arguments and conflicts playing out in my mind . No matter what it never goes as planned because the other person doesn’t have the script that is in your head. Write your latest conflict thoughts/ plans out. Use different names, different settings, or change the situation a bit, so that it doesn’t hurt or anger the other person actually involved, if needed. Try to stay true to what you naturally thought would happen, though. Tell the story about the argument or conflict how you thought it would play out.
  5. Write a poem about a website you frequent often. Why do you go? What do you get out of it? How long do you stay on there? Remember though, it’s a poem; be poetic.

Can I Meet Fantasy?


I do not want to live this life.
I want to dance with the pixies,
laugh with the werewolves
and maybe meet a fairy or two.

I do not want to live this life.
I want to see my thoughts
in air bubbles that are
taken away by the evening’s breeze.

I do not want to live this life.
I yearn to be free.
Free of things tied to reality,
where there is magic.

I do not want to live this life.
Yet, I know I have to.
I guess I will just depend on love
to be my magic
and honestly the is enough for me.

Weekly Writing Prompts (#20)


  1. Write a poem about the emotions you feel while driving home from work. Don’t focus on the commute or what you do for work. Instead focus on your feelings and thoughts.
  2. Write a short story in the fantasy genre where a character must lake a leap of faith and it pays off. Make sure that the results of the leap of faith are fantasy based.
  3. Tell a story about fairies, nymphs, pixies or other creatures that disguise themselves as flowers.
  4. What is it like for you to create art? Write about your creative process, whether it is poetry, narratives, 2D visual art, 3D visual art, or performance art. Is there a method? Do you see a pattern to your art?
  5. Pick out your favorite quote, if you don’t have one use the quote on the picture on the post. Use it to inspire you to write a poem or short story that describes that quote. Bring those words to life and make the sentence or two mean so more than it did before.

I hope you guys and gals enjoyed this post. If you did let me know and like always, please, let me know if you were inspired by this.

Fantasies (a poem)


Fantasies live in my mind
with trolls living under bridges
and Pegasus in the sky.
Magic creatures that you can not see dance and sing
wonderful dreams call out in the silence
“Come rescue me.”
They need to be set free,
so take my hand
and we’ll go on a rescue;
We’ll go on the adventure of a life time
you life time as I see it.
We’ll dance with the fairies
sing with the nymphs
and drink with the trolls
just follow me into the forest
that lives behind my eyes.

Inside the Listening Tree. (Short Story)

There once was a tree that was called the listening tree. It lived in a picturesque forest with blue and purple flowers growing at its base. People would climb this tree in the beautiful forest. They would sit on the many limbs of the tree and told the tree all their problems. For years and years the tree grew and people climbed the tree to talk with it. They left all their issues with the tree and some way or another the issues and problems left with the tree would get solved.

As more and more people talked to the tree and more and more problems were solved, more people heard and came. Soon people were traveling from far away to talk to this tree. By the time this time the tree was the largest tree most has ever seen. It appeared to the people who lived closest to the tree that the more people came to the tree the larger it became.

Every day for years and years every limb was covered with people chattering about their woes. Then one day only one came. It was a little girl with tears in her eyes. She could not even reach the first branch to climb up on the tree, so she sat down by the flowers and told the tree, “I know I’m not special and I know that everyone else’s issues are more important. I’m just a little girl, but I’m all alone and no one even notices me. I would like some one to at least greet me.”

As she finished her request a little door opened and out walked a tiny old woman with wings who flew up to be near the little girl’s face.

Astonished the little girl asked, “Who are you?”

“I am the mother of this tree, every limb has one of my children listening to your people. No one has even talked to me in many years, so I know how you feel.”

The little girl smiled. “Thank you for letting me see you and thank you for noticing me.”

“My dear girl, being noticed is not your issue. What breaks your heart is that you are alone. I can see it in your eyes. Come live with us and you will never be alone.”

“I can not live in a tree or in the forest.”

The mother laughed and told her, “We are magical. I will shrink you down and give you wings. That is when you can choose to either be a listener with me or a giver with my husband.”

“What is a giver?”

Smiling the mother told the child, “A giver is one who gives the people what they need to mend their hearts or fix their problems.” She saw the confusion in the girl’s eyes and told her, with a sweet voice, “We do not fix other’s problems for them, we only open their eyes and give them the tools.”

“Are the givers ever alone?”

“When they are out helping others they may be.”

“I think I would like to stay with you then and be a listener.”

“As you wish,” The mother said and with a kiss on the girl’s head the girl was turned into a tiny winged version of herself.


This was a quick short story that I wrote at my day job when the internet was down. 

And just as a reminder I will be on vacation starting Thursday.


DMV Fairies

This is a ten minute creativity burst that I enjoyed writing. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think.


DMV Fairies

7:45 am I walk to line and start my day-dream as I fill out a form. Fairies fight hungry monsters in the night while the sun shine on my face as I wait. 8 o’clock visits and leaves while I write the same information over and over. I wait, write, and wrangle answers to questions I hardly care about, I would rather watch the good guys win in my mind and see how fairies can hunt the evil that lies right beneath the surface of society. No one but a select few know how close the dream world is to our own, no one knows how close they are to being hunted by the evils these fairies face. The evils and monsters that hide imagination away or the vampires whom feed on ideas and souls. No, hardly any one knows of the battle for the unrealistic, but the monsters, vampires and ghouls all search out to feed with only a few fairies and hunters aware enough to fight and keep us free.

Now it’s 9:30. I am done; with my new paper license and car’s plates I leave the DMV and hope that my creativity always stays near.  Now driving away I hope and wish for the fairies to stay near.