Weekly Writing Prompts (#17)



  1. Write a story that takes place in your mind. Give different thought patterns, emotions, or day dreams their own characters. Use those characters to tell the story about what it is like to be in your brain. What do you think about most often? What do you think about when you are bored?
  2. Tell a story about a superpower you would love to have, include friends that have complementary powers as you. Focus on the superpowers and the relationships, rather than the setting or bad guy conflict.
  3. Imagine you or a character of yours is sitting in a cafe after finishing the drink they ordered and simply finishing up reading or something on their phone. They are distracted when a second cup is placed in front of them. The stranger with the new beverage says he or she is a time traveler. What happens next?
  4. Write a poem about light, whether it is a specific lamp, type of light or the imagery of light being the good in the world. What is it like? What characteristics does it have? What emotions are related to the light?
  5. Write about puppets, whether it is a poem, short story, essay, monologue, or description that could be used in something else does not matter. Write about what you know about puppets and how you view them. Are the creepy or fun? Do you find them interesting or do you stay away from them? Can you name the different types? Basically write about puppets in your point of view, only using what you already know about them.

Where I Write.


Describe  your desk or work are where you write. Is it clean, dirty, or cluttered? Is it organized? What objects or decorations are on it or around you while you write?

This is a writing prompt from my weekly writing series. 

Where do I write?  I write at my black wooden desk that once was at a Target. It now is assembled with its one drawer almost always staying closed and stacks of notebooks, papers, pens and random artifacts from my days spread across its flat matte service. It is like a cozy cocoon where my creative ideas hide away.

It is clean, with hardly any trash or spills on it. It is cluttered and appears to be a mess, but if you ask me where a certain note is or where my favorite pen is I can tell you. It may seem like there is no order to my writing space, but just like my brain I know the rules and organization that is in place, even when others can’t.


Gertrude (A Character Description)


Writing Prompt
Design a sci-fi/ fantasy hero. What is his or her world like? What is his or her background? What makes this character unlike the rest?  What makes them unique?

She lives in a city of wealthy skyscrapers and wrecked apartment buildings. She lives in a city where the criminals out number those who try to do good. Gertrude lives  in a city where heroes are few. That is why Gertrude lives in this city.

She tried many ways to help her city. The city that her father had fought to save as mayor and her mother tried to help by setting up clinics for those who could not afford medical attention. Her brother tried to protect the city  by becoming a police officer.

Gertrude never had one thing that she did to help the city. There was too many options and too many areas that needed help to limit herself. She fed the homeless, she helped with the clinics, volunteered at every event she could. Still her father was framed and died in prison. Her mother was murdered leaving one of her clinics and her brother was put in a wheel chair when a robbery ended in a shoot out.

Her brother kept her in the city, but after his injury she knew she needed to save her city a different way. She needed to become a real hero, some how.

After convincing her brother they started to set up a plan, a way to lower crime and protect those that needed protection. She trained and learned every fight move shown to her the first time. She watched action movie fights, competitive fighting matches and practiced shooting arrow along with guns. After  a month of training every day they decided they needed another team member.

They needed someone who could train with Gertrude. It would have to be some one they both could trust, both knew well, and both thought could bring something that neither of them could bring. The decision was easy. The decided to bring in Gertrude’s best friend, who knew about the technology.

Now they had a team and found that Gertrude could learn quickly how to move her body. Gertrude and her friend continued to train every day, while her brother worked on their armor and their armory.

It was another month by the time the team was ready to start fighting the crime that riddled their city.

Gertrude was presented her custom armor with arsenal attached on sunny afternoon in their dark basement. The sun streamed in creating a pool of light where Gertrude stood in her canary yellow flowing sun dress and matching high heel shoes. Her caramel colored hair was neatly curled as she looked down at the suite of black armor. She was cautious picking it up as she was unsure if she would like wearing it.

At first her hourglass figure did not fit correctly into the crime fighting suite. After her brother pointed out that she was measured while wearing a sports bra she was able to fit with no issues. The material was strong, but Gertrude could easily move in it since the armor itself was multiple pieces that moved with her body.

Gertrude was then handed a bandanna to tie her hair back with and a jacket with a hood to wear over the armor. Finally she was given large boots that also had armor around them.

When Gertrude was dressed in her crime fighting outfit she looked excitedly in the mirror and was shocked. “I look like a man!”

“so?” Her brother asked.

“I’m not a man,” was Gertrude’s answer.

“Right, but what does that matter. It’s not like you’re wearing it to get a date. You are wearing that outfit to stay safe.”

Gertrude gave a huff of defeat. Her brother was right. She was going to risk her life in the outfit she was wearing. She needed to focus on her safety, not appearance. “Plus,” she thought, “when people start looking for the vigilante. They won’t think to look for a woman if I wear this.”