Poetic reading (No Mold)

I have decided to record poem readings. My first one recorded is the last poem I wrote (No Mold). I have posted the first draft of the poem on this blog but have edited it since. Here is the version I used for this video.

No Mold

Oh sad and crumpling world

where the non-judgmental judge,

where those who fight for the future

live in the past,

and where beauty is

as fragile as a single word.

What a poor world

where beauty and art

can only be seen striped of dignity,

where nonconformist conforms,

and integrity is torn from morals.

What a sad, sad world

where one shouts, “Be who you are,”

as they push you into a mold.

Can you not see my beauty?

do you not understand my soul?

I am not simply a body.

I do not need your mold.

Yes, what a sad, crumpling world.

It breaks my very being,

so I will walk away.

And stand where others will fall.

see the beauty in dignity,

art in the unmodified.

For I do not judge those who judge

do not condemn those who condemn

and I love all.