This blog  is where I express myself, whether it is through poems, paintings, or random rants.



My Artist’s Statement:

I, Tiffany Joy, work with the written word, acting and visual art  to spread basic truth and highlight God’s love in hopes that I can brighten someones day and spread the loving gospel of God.


Tiffany Headshots

My Bio:

I started my creative life early, thanks to my mom. She enrolled me in dance classes when I was five. Once I was about ten years old I started to act in musicals with Triboro Youth Theater and was involved in every show that I could be in until I graduated high school. I then went to College at Keene State College, where I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Theater and Dance with a concentration in Acting/ directing. 

Since graduating I have focus more on the technical side of theater and have designed lighting for shows with Santa Cruz Bible Church as well as Montessori School. Most recently I have worked for Encore Repertory Theater Company as their Technical Director. Yet my heart for theater always lies in acting and directing.

Although, theater is my most fruitful passion, my strongest passion is for writing. I started to write stories not long after I started to act. I remember starting one about a ten year old girl, since I was ten at the time. I have not stopped my writing and hope I have only gotten better with practice.

In addition to this blog I have a  a FaceBook page, a youtube channel, sell my poetry collection on Lulu.

You can also follow me on twitter @tiffaberry.


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