Weekly Writing Prompt (#24)


  1. Take a character from a fairy tale or well know story and put them in our world. What would their reaction be? How is their world different from ours? How is it the same?
  2. Along that same idea take a friend or some one that lives in this world and put them in a fairy tale or fictional world. What will their main goal be? How difficult would it be for them to live in that different world?
  3. Write a monologue about struggle. What is the character like? Who is going through it? How are they working to over come? What gives them hope?
  4. Write a poem about a piece of furniture. Do not say what it is right away. Explain the basic description and feeling towards the piece of furniture. Wait until the end to confirm what you are talking about.
  5. Describe what summer is like for you. What do you need to do when it’s summer? What do you look forward to? Do you take vacations during the summer, if so what is your favorite vacation spot?

I hope you enjoy these prompts and I also hope that they help or inspire you to write a little more than you would this week. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week writing.

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