Weekly Writing Prompt #6


  1. What would happen if you or your favorite character woke up with a tattoo that was supposed to mean something to you/ them? What would it look like? Would it have been placed there by magic/ something mystical or a drunken night?
  2. You or a character has fallen into a dark hole and there is no one that they can see. However, they do hear a voice that seems like it’s trying to help. Do you / the character trust the voice? What happens?
  3. You are an animal at the zoo. You are a person or at least think you are a person, but the world sees you as an animal.
  4. Find a poem or song and pick one line out of it. Split the line up and one word per line of a new poem. If you run out of words before your poem is done expand using your own words.
  5. Write a letter to someone who use to be in your life, but now for some reason is not. What would you say to them? How do you feel about them?

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